8 Thing All Horse Owners Must Have To Survive Winter

Horse Wearing A Rug In Winter

February 4, 2022

“I can’t wait for winter!” Said no horse owner ever!  

Winter is probably one of the worst parts of being an equestrian. It isn’t glamorous, or enjoyable, or cheap! You will rarely see your horse in daylight and not without a head torch, you will both be knee-deep in mud and if you stable your equine in winter, you are going to be in for some early mornings and late nights in the cold. 

We have listed 8 items which we don’t think you will be able to live without once you get your hands on them and try them out for yourself. These items will be a mixture for both yourself and your horse.  

As we all know, we will easily spend £150 on a brand-new turnout rug for our horse, but we often feel the need to justify spending £30 on some thick winter jodhpurs to try and stop those painful chilblains.

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1. Fleece-Lined Breeches

Fleece-Lined Breeches: Starting it off with a winter essential. We have all been there, in the middle of winter representing the Michelin man with all of our layers. Well, we can try and prevent this look by recommending some fleece-lined, waterproof breeches.  

These breeches will save your legs whilst making it easier and comfier to ride. Unlike chaps, which can be bulky and make a noise with every movement, waterproof, fleece-lined breeches fit like normal breeches and not only offer you ultimate comfort, but they are more stylish too. Win-win, right? 

If you are just looking for some fleece-lined breeches, there are also lots of them on the market today. Definitely a product which will save you on a miserable, wet winters day riding.  

2. Foldable Hoof Pick

Foldable Hoof Pick: Now this product may seem small, and you may be thinking why is this on the list? Well, there are two main reasons why this has made it on to the list.  

One being this item can be very easy to misplace. You put it down, start another job and next thing you know, it has grown legs and wandered off, never to be seen again. Secondly, is this being more compact than other hoof picks you will find on the market. 

This fold up hoof pick will easily fit into most pockets, meaning once are finished picking their feet out, you can fold it up and put it back in your pocket until the next time you come to use it.  

Who wouldn’t want a fold up hoof pick? Before you ask, don’t worry! There is no chance that the end of the hoof pick can dig into you! Even if your horse takes you mud skiing down the field! 

3. Shedding Blade

Shedding Blade: Apart from winter, this is another very disliked part of owning an equine. Especially a fluffy native!  

Shedding season! Fortunately, this only happens twice a year, (thank goodness) coming out of summer and at the start of spring. Exiting winter is always worst as they are losing that thick winter fluff, unless they have been clipped. 

This shedding blade will help you remove all the loose hair from their coat quickly and easily. Some owners even find using the shedding blade satisfying.  

By owning a shedding blade there will be no more days upon days of trying to remove all their hair with a dandy brush and constantly clogging up the bristles. This will save your arms and hands indefinitely. 

4. Fleece-lined Earmuffs

Fleece-lined Earmuffs: There is nothing as bad as riding and being ice cold the entire time. We have already mentioned about the fleece lined, waterproof breeches, but do you own ear muffs which you can comfortably ride in?  

These fleece lined ear muffs are going to keep your ears nice and toasty during the awful spells of bad weather whilst riding. Now, no matter if you are mucking out with a nice warm woolly hat on or riding with your fluffy earmuffs, you are prepared for the coldest season. 

5. LED Light Hat

LED Light Hat: Winter means dark morning and dark nights. Do we even see our horses in winter or is it all through a head torch? Unless it’s the weekend or your day off this will definitely be the case!  

This hat will not only keep your head nice and warm, but it will offer you a great head torch built into one. With a range of different colours, you will be spoilt for choice!  

Even better, despite this hat having a light built in you can still wash it. So there is no need to worry about how you are going to store a damp smelly hat covered in hay inside your house or car. 

We think this hat is invaluable in winter and will be beneficial for keeping you warm and helping you see in pitch blackness. 

6. Fleece Rug

Fleece Rug: Now it’s time to really treat our horse – despite them being spoilt through the spring, summer, and autumn seasons already!  

Whether you have just ridden your horse, are transporting them to arena hire or competition, or they need an extra layer in the stable, a fleece rug is a godsend for any equine, especially in the winter months. They can be washed and dried easily, are compactible, and are lightweight whilst still offering extra warmth.  

The best bit about a fleece rug is all the design options which are now available. From different colours, to funky cow prints and Newmarket designs – you can get it all for your equine! If you want to go that extra distance, then you can even get their name embroidered on these rugs.

7. Turnout Rug with Detachable Liners

Turnout Rug with Detachable Liners: British weather can be unpredictable and often goes from one extreme to the other. It can be difficult to know which rug to put on and which rugs to have at the yard.  

With these changeable liner turnout rugs, everything will be made much easier and better organised.  

By using turnout rugs such as those linked above, your horse will be offered more warmth with less weight than a normal rug of that weight. There is no need any more to have 20 different rugs for one horse! 

8. Overreach Boots

Overreach Boots:  Mud can be a nuisance in the winter and can increase the chances of your horse constantly pulling their shoes off. This can mean you are spending your only days off hunting for shoes and making the 3rd cake this week for your farrier when he has to come and put the same shoe back on.  

Get your hands on some overreach boots this winter to save you begging for your farrier’s forgiveness and it will allow you to enjoy your days off!  

These overreach boots will offer protection to their shoe and their coronet band to prevent them from overreaching and injuring themselves. Vet bills are not what you need in winter! 

By the end of this, hopefully you will be well on your way to battling the cold, dark, winter months. Whilst they are not pleasant or pretty, they don’t last forever. Think of the warm sunny nights, or the days spent blasting around a stubble field. We can get through this! 

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