What Is the Best Cage for My Hamster?

A Pet Hamster Peering Out Of Their Cage

February 9, 2022

With so many different cages on the market today for our pet hamsters, it can be very difficult and frustrating to choose the best one for them.

The good news is we have produced a list of the best cages for different reasons. From basic and affordable cages to a cage with the best accessories-built in. We have them all on one page for you, which should help make that decision a little bit easier.

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What Requirements does my Hamsters Cage need?

No matter what type of cage you choose for your pet hamster, it must meet the basic requirements to keep your hamster happy and healthy.

The cage should be a minimum of 24 inches x 24 inches and a minimum of 12 inches tall. However, the bigger the cage, the happier and healthier your hamster will be. Many people may think that because they are small pets, they don’t need that much room to run around. After all they are nocturnal…right?

Whist you are correct in them being nocturnal, they do need a lot more space than most people may think, and they are very active when they are awake. In the wild they can run up to 8 miles per night. That’s a huge distance for their little legs to cover!

They will also require a water bottle or bowl, feed bowl, wheel, bedding, and a house or cave they can hide in to sleep during the day.

Hamsters seem to have a mystical way of escaping from their cage, no matter how well-secured you believe it to be. Afterwards, there are the heart-stopping moments when you try to persuade them out of whatever safe haven they’ve chosen for themselves to hide in.

Because of this try to find a cage which is reinforced or do so yourself. You can place weights on the four corners of the cage lid in order to prevent tipping. We also recommended that a metal clip be placed on the cage’s door to improve security and prevent any escape attempts.

Cage Accessories for Your Hamster

We all love to spoil our pets and kit them out with all the coolest things. Well, why not your hamster too?

Whilst you can’t buy your hamster a fancy new collar and matching lead, or even a jumper, you can still treat them to cool accessories for their cage!

Items like houses, chew toys, and wheels are a great shout. Not only will this make their cage look stylish, but it will also help keep them occupied and stop them from getting bored too often.

A bored pet means a misbehaving pet and hamsters are no exception. If they are bored for a long period of time with nothing to exercise on, they can chew anything and everything.

This includes their own cage, which means if they are left bored for too long, they will soon have chewed through their own home walls and planned their escape to freedom!

This two-storey starter kit for your pet hamster is a great first cage to have. It comes with the basic requirements which your hamster needs such as a water bottle, food dishes, exercise wheel, a small house, and a ladder.

This cage allows you to get your hamsters home set up straight away without the added worry of not having to buy extras. All you need is the bedding and the hamster!

On the other end of the scale, we have this fully kitted out hamster’s paradise with 5 different levels for them to play, climb, eat, and sleep on.

This cage comes with feed dishes, water bottle, a home for them to sleep in, and a large tunnel which comes out of the cage so they can run around to their little hearts content.

We think that this is every hamster’s dream castle where they can play and sleep all day long.

As well as this luxury home being pleasing on the eye, it is also lightweight and easy to clean out. It’s perfect for both you and your hamster.

Whether you are taking your hamster to the vets, on holiday with you, or you are moving homes, they will need a mode of transport. We have found you an affordable, and stylish yet practical, hamster taxi service.

Made from a soft and comfortable material, your hamster will be sure to feel cosy whilst they are in their taxi. This is made to be easy for you to carry around due to the singular strap. It is also very practical for storing away as it easily folds up when it is not in use.

Whilst we said their cage should be a minimum of 60cm squared by 30cm tall, we never said how big they can be!

This 115cm (L) by 60cm (W) and 58cm (H) cage is a mansion for your very own hamster!

With three levels, stairs, and platforms to sleep on, they won’t know where to start. There is plenty of space for dens to hide in, tubes to play with, and exercise wheels to run on. What more could our little hamsters ask for! They are easy to clean and assemble too! Great news all around.

Have you ever seen hamsters on wheels? Not the wheels they run around on all night, but actual wheels!

Now you have! With this moveable 3 tier cage which has a storage shelf underneath to keep their food or bedding on.

The doors can be securely locked so no escapes occur, and it can be easily cleaned out too. This cage can be great for housing more than one hamster at one time. But do be careful if you are to house two hamsters together for the first time as fights can break out. Always house the same sex hamsters together.

I think we saved the best till last! We think all hamsters deserve to live in a funky cage! So, we found the funkiest one we could.

How cool would it be to see your hamster in a cage which looks like an arcade game?

Well now you can!

Not only is it a funky thing to have in your room and looks amazing, but your hamster will love it too. With a little house to hide in and sleep, which is suspended on the side wall with ladders leading up to the door and a wheel at the top, they will have endless fun.

Not only does it have all of these cool features, but it doesn’t have basic stairs to get to the second level, instead it has a tunnel which they can shimmy up and down. This cage is the cage to own!

Whilst there may be plenty of cages on the market today, we hope that you haven idea of what is really out there and some of the cool and funky cages you can get. But also, the luxury mansions you can treat them too. it’s always nice to treat your pets, no matter what pet they may be.

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