5 Smaller Than Small Dog Breeds

Small Dog Breed Pomeranian Running Towards The Camera

February 1, 2022

Whilst these dog breeds may be some of the smallest breeds around the world, never be fooled by their size. What they can’t make up for in size, they will certainly make up for it in their fun and exuberant personalities.

This is one reason many people tend to go for the smaller breeds. They take up less space, which can be very helpful if you live in a smaller building, but also, they can be less expensive too.

Do keep in mind though, as with any breed, not all dogs are suited for your lifestyle at home. It is important to consider what is involved with each type of breed you are considering and if their needs can be met.

If you are contemplating getting a small breed pooch, then we have put together a list of some of the smallest dog breeds across the world which will tug your heartstrings.

Toy Fox Terriers

Starting off with the Toy Fox Terriers, this toy-sized breed originated from the USA and was originally used for ratting.

They have recently become companion dogs and whilst they still hold their terrier traits and energy levels, they love a good cuddle and a lap to curl up on and fall asleep in the warmth.

This breed will fill your day with laughter and entertainment for their personality and their comical characters.

Toy Fox Terriers loves to play ball and go exploring but inside the house and outdoors, so it’s recommended that they are always kept on a lead or in a fenced area where they are not able to jump over, dig under, or squeeze through a fence. Any terrier owner will agree that when they see something which catches their eye, they will be sure to go after it.

A Fox Terrier may be the right breed for you if you would like a small dog to carry and hold, one that is quick and agile on their feet and one which is extremely alert and will make a suitable watchdog.

As with every breed, they do present a few challengers for new and experienced owners alike. Toy Terriers are often full of energy, suspicious of strangers and stubborn.

On top of this they are very vocal and not easily intimidated by other animals, including the bigger dogs down in the park. So, when walking one know you may have to reign them in regularly as they will make a show to other animals.

If, after reading all of this you think the Toy Fox Terrier is the right breed for you, then make sure to do additional research – not only on the breed but also the breeders you may be purchasing from. The breeder needs to be registered and the dog needs to be correctly bred and health checked.


The Chihuahua’s are commonly recognised as being the smallest dog breed in the world. Measuring between 5-8 inches and only weighing up to 6 pounds, they are one of the most popular small dog breeds due to being so small and adapting well to the smaller household life.

But do not let their small size trick you into thinking they will be very easy dogs to train.!

They are known to latch on to one specific person within the family and protect them very fiercely, which can make it difficult for both the dog and any other residents when that individual is not there.

Things can become more challenging if there are children in the house, as they can snap when they feel threatened, or their human is in danger. Adequate training is essential if you are to own a Chihuahua.

This small toy breed can make great watch dogs due to their strong and vocal personality. If you are considering a chihuahua, make sure to socialise them early on and correctly to help you both out long term and prevent any problems down the line.


They may be small in size, but the Pomeranians are known to make up for this in their cute, feisty, and furry personalities. With a vocal voice, they may cause some problems for your neighbours if you are living in a built-up urban area.

The good news is that if you give them plenty of attention and set aside some time to play with them, they will be a brilliant, loving, and caring best friend for you.

But…whilst they are small, fluffy, and affectionate, don’t let this fool you! They have a mind of their own and will stand up for themselves when they feel it is necessary. They are even known to pick on dogs much bigger than themselves.

Due to this, any prospective owner must resolve to socialise them at a very young age, so they become desensitised to exposure to all different types of dogs, be they bigger or smaller.

Besides their attitude to certain dog types, Pomeranians are very loving and affectionate with their family. This attribute makes them great family pets.  They can be great for elderly people or for those who are busy-bees due to being quite independent. They do, however, still require regular walks to vent their excess energy.

Potential owners always keep in mind that when they are outside, they should be monitored carefully, as they are not outdoor dogs.

Whilst their coat may look quite difficult to maintain, due to the fluffiness, a regular brush is all it needs. But, if you allow it to get matted and long, the coat can become quite difficult to get back on top of unless you opt to shave them. This may not be the ideal solution for many as it does reduce their aesthetic until the hair length grows back.

One thing to remember with a Pom is their coat is quite thick. Because of this, they are quite restricted in the activities they can do in hotter months, as excessive exercise could result in them overheating or developing heat stroke. The same fix as before, shaving down their fur, does apply here as well if you want to prevent or mitigate the symptoms they experience.

If you want a compact little bundle of joy and you can manage their needs, then a Pomeranian may be just the dog for you!


From circus performers to assisting their humans with disabilities, this lovable pooch adores their human counterparts and often struggle to cope with long periods of time on their own.

If you give them your time and affection, they will give you their heart and always be willing to please you, no matter what.

So, whether it is friends and family, other dogs, strangers or even cats, the Havanese will devote their love and affection and will stick like glue to their new friends. But there is nothing they will stick to more than their own family.

This does have its own downside in that when they are left alone for significant periods of time, they can experience increased anxiety and separation issues.

So, if you spend a lot of time away from home – whether this is due to work or something else, it is not recommended to get one of these breeds.

They are great with children and will spend all day playing fetch with them or running around the garden. This breed needs as much exercise as some of the larger breed dogs do, so playing for a long time in the garden or a long walk is a sure-fire way to keep your pup happy!


Lastly, we have the Dachshund. This loving and cute pooch is a well-known breed across the canine world.

This adorable breed, believe it or not, used to be used for the savage hunting of rabbits and badgers. Fortunately, in today’s age, they are often seen curled up on the sofa or in front of the fire enjoying a tranquil sleep.

Despite being known to be mischievous and sometimes stubborn; they can adapt well to obedience training. They are also great with younger children, providing the young ones are gentle and kind towards them, to prevent them from snapping if they feel threatened.

They may be small, but they still need exercise to prevent them from gaining weight, which will cause more significant health issues further down the line. Keep their coat well maintained to provide the best level of care and health to them.

Overall, the Dachshund is a fun and lovable breed who can provide you with not only hours of fun, but a loyal best friend who will stick with you through thick and thin.

If you think this breed is for you, make sure you do your research before purchasing to make sure your lifestyle will work with their needs.

With smaller breeds becoming more and more popular as the years go on, it comes as no surprise that there are now more small breeds registered than there are larger breeds. Even though this is the case, it is still important to do all your research prior to purchasing or adopting any dog, be they big or small. Dogs are a lifelong commitment, and they require such dedication once you have one. But if you can, your life will be filled with joy and happiness.

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