8 Different Food Bowls for Your Dog

Puppies Sharing a Food Bowl

July 20, 2022

Whilst you can just buy your dog a simple stainless-steel bowl to feed them their food, or have even spent more on a custom aesthetic bowl, have you ever thought about different types of dog bowls which have different functions and uses?

We have you covered with our list of dog food bowls and what they are best used for!

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Starting off with the bowl that so many of us will already use today. The stainless-steel bowl has a non-slip silicone bottom which means that your dog will finish its meal in the same location as it started!

If your dog likes to push their bowls around and usually make a mess every time, these bowls might just be the one for you.

These stainless-steel bowls can be placed in the dishwasher to be cleaned and ready for your pooch to have their next meal in. This makes things much easier for owners when it comes to cleaning food bowls out, as nobody wants to see or eat out of a dirty food bowl!

Steel bowls come in a range of different sizes for each dog and they look the part too with their top-quality polished look. Your dog will feel the part eating out of one of these shiny bowls.  

Are you out for long periods of time? Are you sometimes late finishing from work on some nights and late for feeding time?

An automatic food dispenser will help solve the worry of your dog going without food. We are sure that this will keep your dog happy as it’ll help keeping feeding time to a regular schedule.

This slow feeder can look after your dog whilst you’re out and allow you to record a vocal prompt to let your dog know that it’s feeding time.

Simply record your voice on the built-in recording system and programme it to go off every mealtime. Whilst you may not be there physically to make their meal, your dog will still be able to know that their meal is ready.

There is no need to worry about never knowing when this feeder needs filling up because it has a smart system with built-in sensors which will monitor the weight left in the container and will trigger a warning when the food is starting to become low and needs refilling.

To programme their feeding schedule, just download the app and set the times. This will allow you to set times for their feeding schedule, along with monitoring your previous feeding records and see what time works best.

Is your dog a greedy glutton? If so, you’ll want to try and slow them down when it comes to mealtimes.

Dogs who rush their food can be more prone to vomiting. Their digestive system is unable to correctly digest their first mouthful in time before that second, third, and fourth mouthful are rushed down. Which means that this food is more than likely about to make its way back up.

Not only can a slow feeder prevent your pooch from vomiting on your freshly cleaned floor, but they can also stop them from choking and having issues in their gastrointestinal tract.

Consuming food too quickly can cause your dog to suffer from bloat. As they are wolfing down their food, they are taking in too much air which travels down to their stomach and causes extreme discomfort.

As a result of this, their stomach can then twist and start to cut off blood supply as well as preventing any food or gas from passing through. This can turn life-threatening if it’s left untreated and may require veterinary treatment or even surgery.

It is important to check for wear and tear on these bowls and make sure that no chunks have been taken out which your dog could ingest.

A slow feeder bowl can be a great thing to help avoid any unnecessary vet visits and surgery! There are different varieties of slow feeder bowls which vary in difficulty for your dog. This all depends on how quickly your dog tends to consume their food.

If you have a bowl which both you and your dog love, but you’re finding that they are wolfing their food down too quickly, a slow feeder bowl insert could be just what you’re looking for. 

These inserts fit into your dog’s everyday food bowl, depending on the size and shape, and turn it into a slow feeder bowl. This can be useful for a dog which has just started bolting down their food, but you are unsure if a slow feeder bowl will benefit their general health and make a difference.

There is no need to buy multiple different bowls as you can add the insert in as easy as it is to take out. Meaning if they start to eat their food much slower, you can remove it and turn their bowl back to normal.   

A great benefit which comes with this insert for you as an owner is the convenience of cleaning it. With the ability of removing the silicone slow feeder out of the bowl, you can remove every bit of uneaten food.

Before purchasing an insert, be sure that you check the sizing and if this will fit in your bowl. If this one does not fit, you can buy these individual inserts which can be placed however you would like.

Whilst we understand that this may not be used to give them their main meal, they can be used during training or to try and keep them distracted during a treatment or a procedure.

However, with this specific slow feeder puzzle, you have four different mats to choose from, depending on the circumstances you need it for. This puzzle comes with two different lick mats and two slow feeder mats. 

Whether you are trimming their nails, giving them a bath, or taking them to the vets for a check-up, the lick mat can be useful to keep your dog happy and relaxed by smothering a favourite treat across it such as peanut butter.

Within this set of four mats is a fruit and vegetable slow feeder mat. Our dogs love to get a treat every now and again, but sometimes we want them to take their time whilst we get chores done. This is where this mat can come in use and help you both out.

Check out our blog on safe treats for your dog.

The last mat, which comes with this four-piece set, is a standard slow feeder mat which you can feed their biscuits on if you require them to be slowed down.

Sometimes our dogs don’t want to have a bath and they’ll do anything they can to leap out and cover you in water. These lick mats can suction on to your wall and turn bath time into a happy experience. They’ll soon be sat in the bath waiting for you so they can have their lick mat.

Owning a slow feeder mat can be beneficial for anyone involved and keep everything happy and sweet.

There is no other way to make your dog feel special than a bowl with their name on it. Not only can you get their name personalised onto the side of it, but you choose from a range of different colours, styles, fonts, and sizes.

Your personalised bowl is made from a high-quality material and has a gloss finish to complete the look. With a range of different texts, colours, and styles to choose from, there’s something for every pooch out there!

One great feature about having a personalised bowl, especially in a house with multiple dogs, is the unlikely event of cross-contamination. You can wash the bowls out after every use which can prevent your other dogs getting hold of any traces of medication.

But if they each have their own individual bowls with their names on, you will know for definite that they have not been able to get in contact with any medication you could be using.

This bowl can be great for anyone who is needing to feed biscuits to multiple puppies at once.  

We all know just how cheeky young pups can be. Sometimes when our back is turned, they will decide that they are going to sit in the most obscure place they can find.   

These obscure places include feed bowls, and it’s easy to picture a small puppy getting into the middle of a larger feeding bowl to be the centre of attention. 

Not with this food bowl! This exact scenario has been taken into consideration and the centre of the bowl has been raised to avoid them sitting in it. Although the middle has been considerably raised to prevent cheeky puppies from parking their bums front and centre!

The rim’s low enough to allow them to comfortably reach in and eat without straining or feeling the need to climb.

Your puppies will love this bowl and it can make your life much easier as it saves you from having to place multiple food bowls down at once without any puppies arguing.   

When you are out and about exploring different views with your dog, you will need a bowl to take along with you which isn’t going to take up a lot of space and can be easily stored away when it is not in use.

Due to it being made from high quality silicone, this allows it to be lightweight and can be easily squashed down to fit into the bottom of your bag. Whether you want to use it for water or food, this bowl’s great whilst you’re on your travels. 

Due to it having a secure lid, you can allow for even more space by storing food inside the bowl. Once they’ve eaten, you can pop the lid back on and collapse it down so it can be easily stored in your bag.

If your bag’s become too full or you don’t want to carry it anymore, the bag comes with a carabiner which can be attached to your backpack or something similarly to hand.

There are so many bowls on the market today for every dog. Whether they eat their food without tasting it, or love to come on adventures with you, there’s a bowl out there to help make your day a little bit easier.

As with all bowls, make sure that they are kept clean and always check for any breaks or cracks which can potentially pose a threat to your dog’s wellbeing.

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