10 Funky And Creative Cat Scratching Posts

Tabby Cat Climbing Up A Scratching Post

July 20, 2022

We all know how much our cats love to scratch. On the carpet, up the sofa, on the stairs, wherever they can reach to scratch they will manage it.

A great way to try and stop this from happening is investing in a cat scratching post. This post gives your cats something to scratch on all day long without ruining your home.

From your simple scratching post to your multi-storey towers, we have got something here for everybody! You may be scratching your head and wondering why would you buy your cat something which encourages bad behaviour? 

Cats scratch to keep their claws healthy by removing old claw sheaths, as well as leaving their scent on things. By giving them something to scratch on, they will in time hopefully leave your furniture and carpets alone!

In This Blog: 

We have decided to start this off with something funky! Because what better way to start it off than with a cactus post?

Not only will this help your cat scratch all day long, but it will catch their eye with such a unique design and give them something to play with. 

This cat scratcher has two added features which include a ball hanging from the top and a piece of rope which your cat can bat around and bite it.

It also has a ball on a spring connected to the base which will keep them entertained for hours whilst they bop it backwards and forwards.

It may be funky and unique, but it is still practical and space efficient, making it a great post for anyone struggling with space who perhaps lives in a flat.

In-keeping with the nature theme, the mushroom scratching post is sure to entertain your cats.

With the base being a simulated garden with fake grass, these two mushrooms will offer your cat something to scratch on and somewhere to jump, climb, and play too.

These two mushrooms are completely wrapped in your cat’s favourite scratching post material which has been reinforced to withstand the strongest of scratchers.

Again, this scratching post is small, simple, but very eye catching and a great piece to add to your home. We are certain that your cat will love it. What is there not to love?

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with being simple with things. Simple can be just as effective as going all out.

At the end of the day, most scratching posts will do the same thing as every other post out there. There is definitely nothing wrong with going extra with things as out cats are a part of our family.

This scratching post can be particularly useful for a home which is lacking in a lot of space or perhaps you would just like a simple scratching post which will blend into the background and not stand out. If either of these relate to you, then this post may be the one.

Our cats love to sleep. It is a well-known fact that they love their sleep. Cats can probably find it quite tiring scratching away on their scratching post.

What if they can finish their scratching on their post, play with the ball which is hanging down and then jump into their hammock and have a little snooze?

Three of our cat’s favourite things to do all rolled into one. This means less things laying around for you to trip over or cluttering the house and your cat won’t have to go very far to scratch, play, and finally sleep.

We are so accustomed to seeing scratching poles connected to a base and the pole being vertical. But what if we told you there was a scratching pad which is horizontal and can double up as a place to rest instead?

This comes with two scratching pads which means that you can either stick them together which will give your cat a flat surface, or you can pull them apart to have a lounger and two pads in case you have two cats.

Due to these being double sided, this will allow them to last longer and save you money in the process!

Now we are starting to talk about the bigger and better cat scratchers. These next four cat scratchers you are going to see are on another level and they are not for the faint hearted. They are bigger, better, and with much more to offer.

We will start it off gently with this three-tier cat scratching post.

With a house for them to sleep or hide in, two scratching posts at the bottom, a perch in the middle, a hanging ball, and a scratching pad at the top, they really will be spoilt for choice.

This is a great scratching post which will offer them such a variety of things to play on, whilst still keeping relatively small. This is a great scratching post to start you off.

A great feature of this cat scratching pad is the soft plush fabric it is covered in. offering your cat the ultimate comfort.

Now we know that this may sound a little strange and surely we would not want our cats scratching the tv…right?! We wouldn’t at all, but what if we said that your cat could have their very own tv and be the star of the show?

With this cat scratcher your cat can be the star of the show in every show. Shaped like a tv, there is a soft bed inside so your cat can curl up and go to sleep inside, whilst the side has a scratching board to allow them to scratch away and not cause any damage!

Another great feature about this specific cat scratcher is the two elastic rods with a ball on each one hanging from the top which will allow your cat top bop and bat them as much as they would like.

Who wouldn’t want a pink princess castle with so many different features?

This princess castle has two cosy houses, a hammock, six scratching posts, two perches, a rope, and two balls hanging down. This really is a dream all cats have.

 Once your cat sets eyes on this, it may be the last time you see them. This really will entertain them for hours as well as offering them plenty of options to sleep and just relax.

Whether your cat is an adventure seeker, or they just like to lay back and survey their land, this cat scratcher will be perfect for any feline!

If you have more than one cat, then this will be perfect for them to get along and play together.

We can’t possibly show you a princess castle without showing you a prince castle!

Here we have it, the castle for all the princes out there!

This castle will allow all the boys to sit on their throne whilst they survey their land. With four different levels to choose from, they will be able to see everything, including that chicken you just got out of the fridge!

With two wicker baskets for their main thrones and a cave on the second level for their sleeping quarters, this tower will really be the best for your cats.

What better way to finish than covering this all-in-one cat house?

Having two cave condos, one hammock, multiple viewing platforms and a multi-level cat tree tower, there really isn’t much more your beloved feline could want.

This house comes with a resilient cat scratching tree with sturdy posts coiled with natural sisal rope to keep your cats’ claws well-groomed and away from your furniture!

One of the great things about this is how much it offers in such a compact area whilst offering them comfort thanks to the skin-friendly and fluffy plush cover.

Having covered all of these different cat scratching posts the only question you need to ask now is which one should you spoil your cat with?

All of these will ensure that your cats claws are kept well away from your valuables whilst ensuring they remain healthy.

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