7 Cat Carriers For Everyone

Cat In A Carrier In The Forrest

July 1, 2022

Whether you are a thrill seeker who loves nothing more than hiking in picturesque hills, or you just need a carrier for your cat when they go for their regular check-ups and vaccinations at the vets, we have the carrier for you!

We have got all you feline owners covered in detail from your basic carrier to your cat on wheels. So, Let’s get rolling!

Do you love to go on adventures and would love nothing more than to venture further with your cat?

We may have solved your dilemma with this airline approved travel carrier!

This cat carrier is affordable, stylish, and comfortable for your cat. There’s no need to worry about fighting with your feline when getting them in and out. You have two options when it comes to access – through the top or side doors.

If your cat has become accustomed to their carrier and they are happy to walk in and out on their own accord, open the side door and in they’ll walk.

If they need a little bit of encouragement, open the top door, and place them inside…minimal stress for both you and your feline friend.

Not only does this carrier have all these amazing features which we have already mentioned, but it also comes with a foldable bowl and a soft cushion for them to snooze the journey away on. Your cat will be guaranteed a very happy, comfortable flight.

Enjoy your travels with your feline friend!

Allow your cat to travel in style with this funky travel backpack. Not only does this have a cool design, but it is practical, safe, and comforting for your cat which will allow them to travel happy and content.

With a transparent window at the front, your cat’s able to see everything going on around them, reducing anxiety and stress. It also comes with multiple ventilation holes so they can breathe freely during your travels.

One great thing about this backpack is the ability to expand it once you’ve placed it down. It can turn into a tent bed allowing them to stretch out, keeping them calm, comfortable, and happy.

A happy cat equals a happy owner, and a happy cat and owner help each other create great adventures.

If you have a cat who perhaps struggles to get outside as much as they used to maybe because of age or a medical condition, but you would like them to spend some time outdoors in the glorious sunshine, this pram could help give your cat a new lease of life.

Alternatively, if your feline isn’t comfortable in a cat carrier, this could be perfect for them due to having the space to move around and the large windows giving the luxury of seeing a lot more.

A great feature of this pram is the ability to take two cats for a stroll as opposed to only being able to take the one if you were to use a backpack or hand carrier. Your two cats may just love this mode of transport as it gives them company during their travels.

Another way this could come in useful is vet visits. We all understand the difficulties of trying to carry two cat carriers whilst locking your car and opening doors.

You’ll never worry about needing two pairs of hands again using this pram!

A standard cat carrier will be just right for you if you only need to take your cat out once a year. Not only are they affordable, but they are also easy to use, move around and clean.

We wouldn’t recommend having your cats travel for a prolonged amount of time in a standard cat carrier as they’re not the most comfortable option but for a short drive for their yearly check-up they’ll do nicely.

If your cat becomes anxious in a standard cat carrier or they’re moving around a lot, try placing a blanket or towel on the bottom of this to offer them more support and comfort.

The highway code (rule 57) states that any animal in a vehicle should be suitably restrained to avoid them distracting you, injuring you or injuring themselves. You can safely do this with this car seat.

This not only offers them a basket to sit in, but a seatbelt which attaches to their collar or harness to be sure that they’re safely restrained. They will not only be very safe and secure, but also able to see out of the window as you drive to your destination.

You may find that your cat prefers travelling like this if they usually get anxious in a carrier or that a cage that limits their view. Some cats feel less anxious when they can see where they are going so this is where the booster seat comes in!

This transformable wicker basket is not only a cat carrier but also a comfortable travel bed.

New places can be very overwhelming for our feline friends and by taking this travel bed with you, you are offering them a safe place to hide that has a familiar smell and reminds them of home and is comfortable for them.

By introducing them to their new bed well in advance, they will be able to associate it with their home when it comes to using it on their travels.

This bed comes with a plush cushion for maximum comfort. However, if they seem unsure of this or are not a fan of the cushion, place their favourite blanket inside to add an extra level of comfort and security.

It is safe to say that on our travels our pets need to eat and drink. Unless of course they are on the way to the vets for a surgery!

Whilst this post is about different cat carriers and this would certainly be a very funny looking carrier, it is essential for any adventures and is a great piece of kit to add to your carrier.

This bottle has two compartments for holding food and water as well as the two collapsible bowls.

There is no need to worry about getting any unwanted biscuits in the water whilst you are putting them back as this is fitted with a grid which you can place over the water! It’s capable of holding 250g of dry food and 350ml of water.

There is nothing more we animal owners love doing than making memories with our pets and doing it safely. With these cat carriers you can safely and happily make all the travel arrangements you’ve dreamed of. Enjoy your adventures!

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