8 Dog Leads For Any Occasions

Small Dog Sat With A Blue Lead In Their Mouth

July 20, 2022

There are so many different types of leads out there on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one will best benefit your dog.

Some leads, despite looking good, hold no benefit towards your dog’s well-being. However, there are some out there which can make a vast difference to you and your dog.

We’ve researched some of the best leads out there which can benefit the both of you and make walks even more enjoyable.

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A common lead many people choose is the retractable kind, which allows you to release more lead and retract closer when needed with minimal effort. 

Unlike a normal long lead which you would need to hold in both hands to avoid getting tangled up and tripping, this is a more user-friendly alternative which offers you peace of mind that your dog can explore in a safe and controlled manner!

A great feature of this particular retractable lead is the touch sensitive light which activates a ring light on the side and an LED flashlight at the front.

This means that you will be able to see your dog and where you are going late at night and in the dull and dreary winter months!

It is important to note that retractable leads are made from nylon and not rope which is also a stronger material. If you have a dog which is a constant passive puller, this lead may snap or cause injury to either you or your dog such as friction burns or cuts.

If you own a heavier and strong dog which you struggle to control with a standard lead, a bungee lead might help solve your problems. As your dog pulls, the bungee will stretch and absorb the shock without it affecting you or your dog, making for an easier walking experience.

This lead isn’t just great for bigger dogs, it also has a seatbelt buckle attached to the lead making it safe and practical to use in the car.

So, there is no need to mess around with different harnesses or leads if you drive to your favourite walking spot. Simply clip your dog to the lead, place them in the car and fasten them in safe and secure!

Being safe and seen is always a very important factor when it comes to walking your dog at night and on those dark winter mornings.

With this reflective lead, you’ll have no issues about being visible when you’re out on that next walk as this reflective lead can be seen from up to 20 metres away!

Available in a range of different funky colours, patterns and lengths, this lead offers you many benefits and keeps you and your dog safe.

This lead will offer you sophistication whilst giving that country style look. Not only can you have a sophisticated lead, but we’ve found you a matching collar too…making you the most stylish dog walker out there!

Each lead is hand made with elegant details and is made to withstand a strong pulling dog. Practical and elegant, they’re suitable for small, medium, and large dog breeds.

Chain leads are a great for if you find your dog chewing through lead after lead made from flimsier material. Built from sturdy iron, they’ll struggle to get their gnashers through this one.

There’s no need to worry about tangles either as it has a 360-degree rotating buckle preventing it from become twisted if your dog gets excited! 

It is recommended that you use this lead on nothing bigger than a medium dog due to the chain only being 1.1cm thick. If you have a small or medium dog who loves chewing through leads, try a chain lead and see if your life can be transformed!

Whether at the beach, in the fields, or training them, this lead can be the answer to your prayers.

10 metres of highly reflective, floating, long-lasting rope. This can be used during your training sessions with your pup or in areas which your dog loves to run but they’re not ready to be let off the lead.

A great use of this lead is during recall training. As it is so long, you can leave them at quite some distance before recalling them, all whilst keeping them restrained for if things don’t go quite as expected the first few times.

Due to the lead being able to float, this makes it a great tool whilst you are allowing them to swim in lakes or ponds. Maybe you’re teaching them to retrieve in water. You won’t have to worry about this lead sinking and getting snagged on something, causing a dangerous situation.

Once you purchase this lead, you will not know how you coped without it!

There is no need to worry about fiddling around attaching it to a collar or a harness when using this slip lead.  All you need to do is simply slip it over their head and you are ready to go.

With seven different colours to choose from, you will struggle to decide which colour will look best for your dashing pooch.

This lead has another great feature to help you stay safe! Throughout the whole lead, there’s a reflective material to make sure you are seen at night. After all, safety is key!

It is important to know that whilst you are using this lead, which doesn’t need a collar to work, your dog should still be wearing a collar while they’re in a public area.

This is a legal requirement and if you are found to be walking a dog without an identity tag on them, you could be landed with a hefty fine of up to £2000!!! A £2.99 dog ID tag could save you lots of money.

Finally, the lead for all the multitaskers out there! Whether you enjoy going for a run, or you want to walk two dogs at once, but you need to keep a hand free, this lead can help you solve these issues.

With so many different perks, this lead has it all. From allowing you to run freely, to walking hands free so you can push a pushchair and open gates.

This hands-free lead has the option to add an extra lead which allows you to walk another four-legged friend at the same time off the same belt!

Do you enjoy hiking? But when out exploring, you often find it hard to tie your dog somewhere with a normal lead. Don’t worry as this lead can turn into a rope which means that you will easily be able to safely tie them somewhere whilst you sit down for a spot of lunch. 

What’s great about this lead is the included mesh pouch. Often, when we are running or out and about walking in the summer, we don’t tend to have lots of pockets. The mesh pouch which comes with this lead will allow you to fit your mobile, keys, and other small items inside and safely secure them.

What more could you want!?

No matter what type of dog walker you may be, hopefully at least one of these leads will suit both you and your gorgeous dog!

Always consider yours and your dog’s well-being and comfort first before making the decision on the lead you choose. Certain leads won’t be best for certain types of dogs like strong pullers.  

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