8 Loving Dog Breeds For All The Family

A Family Of Dachshunds

July 20, 2022

All dogs can be loving in their own unique ways providing they have been offered love and affection themselves. There are some breeds out there which have that extra bit of love to offer to their humans…. but which breeds are they?

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If you have ever owned a Boxer, you will understand just how excited they can get when their favourite person comes home.

They are not only an extremely loving and affectionate dog, but they are also crazy and have endless amounts of energy to use up playing and running around the garden.

The best way to describe a Boxer is a puppy which never grows up. Once they have reached adulthood and their body has fully grown, their mind will still be in puppy stage, and this may never change. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! 

You may find that you are a leaning post for your Boxer most of the time when they are stood next to you or sat on the sofa. You will have their whole-body weight against your side, and they will not mind at all.

Getting physically close to you and giving you a cuddle is one of their main ways to show their love and affection for you. In fact, they will love you more for allowing them to do it…and who doesn’t love a cuddle?

Border Collie

If you want a dog which is known for sticking to their owners like glue, then a Border Collie could be perfect for you.

Some people may overlook a Border Collie due to their demanding life herding and working on farms. When a sheep dog’s working, they are in the zone as they wait for their next instruction from their owner.

But once this dog is at home and away from the working life, they switch off and enjoy showing their affection to their family. They may curl up in front of the fire or decide to snuggle up with you and get warm that way. This dog is far from unloving! 

Although Border Collies are loving, affectionate, and friendly, they do still require a lot of exercise and a job to do which will keep their mind busy.

If left with a lot of pent-up energy and nothing to do, boredom can set in which can make them stressed, sick, and display destructive behaviours.

Whether your border collie is cold or just wants to be close to their owner, you will have a dog which loves to offer their affection to others.


A small body with a big heart!

The dachshund may be small, but their heart is mighty, and they have enough love to go around. Not only will you have an affectionate little dog to offer you cuddles and love, but you will have your own therapy dog.

Dachshunds are very sensitive souls which means that they can pick up on emotions, and they will be right by your side the whole way to offer you support, love and snuggles.

A dachshund will always do better when they have company, so it is best to not leave them for long periods of time, even at night.

If you say no to them sleeping with you at night, they will not be very happy and will try and sneak their way into your bedroom at any given opportunity.

German Shepherd

Some people may think that a German Shepherd can’t be a loving breed because of the jobs they are associated with. But this is also one of the reasons why they are so loving and loyal to their owner. 

When people see a German shepherd, many people think of a police dog which can look aggressive and forceful. But that has took many years of training and whilst they are displaying these behaviours, they are protecting their handler and listening for their vocal cues.

After all, they are bred for intelligence and loyalty so there is no surprise that they are one of the most loving dogs. They thrive off a connection with their human and will do anything to make them happy! 

It is important to remember that German shepherds are known for attaching to one member of the family more than others as they tend to always bond closer to one person instead of the whole family. This does not mean that they won’t love your whole family, but they may love that one person a little bit more.

Great Dane

You may be thinking how a Great Dane can’t be loving and affectionate when they are the size they are. They may be big in size, but their heart is even bigger and has so much love to offer. They are often described as gentle giants.

Despite their large frame, they can be really gentle and loving around anyone, even smaller children. They can often be quite tolerant of children pulling them around and will often look after them whilst they play.

It is important to remember that whilst they are quite tolerant and affectionate to younger children, they should still be supervised whilst they are together to prevent any accidents from occurring.

They may not mean to but due to their overall size, it is possible for them to accidentally collide with a small child and knock them over.


Whilst the greyhounds are quick and agile, they are a loving dog to have around and enjoy spending time with their family.

Greyhounds can show much more than just cuddling next to you when they want to show you affecting and get your attention. They can lick your hand, rub up against you, lean into you, or curl up as tight as they can to you. 

If they are not snuggled up next to you, they won’t be far away from you and if you aren’t sat down, they’re probably behind you. Always know your greyhound and if they are showing signs that they do not want to be cuddled, give them space!

But this can be rare that they will not crave human interaction as they are so used to it if they have been through the racing industry. Many greyhounds which have experienced life on the track will be a very loving dog, if they have been treated fairly throughout their time.

Labrador Retriever

Everybody knows and recognises the Labrador retriever and can guarantee that they are one of the affectionate dog breeds out there!

Whilst they are loving and affectionate, they can also forget how big they really are. Don’t be surprised if they decide to curl up and become a lap dog whilst you are sat on the sofa! They won’t mind because they will be comfortable and close to their favourite human, but you may feel some of their weight!

Retrievers will bound around with so much energy and exuberance that you will instantly feel uplifted once you spend 5 minutes with a Lab. Not only are they affectionate but they will also make you happy and uplift your spirit whenever you feel down.

Sometimes Labradors like to do things which don’t make much sense and will often get them into a spot of bother.

They have a very inquisitive mind and can achieve anything…or so they think. But it is their sweet and adorable face which prevents us from getting mad at them each time they break something or get stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be. 

Labradors have so many uses, it’s a breed you would be lost without. Once you have a Labrador, you may never turn back.

Old English Sheepdog

Expect this dog to thrive if you are in a family environment who are willing to offer this sweet, shaggy looking dog love and affection.

The Old English Sheepdogs are known to get on well with children and will enjoy playing around in the garden. Don’t be fooled by their vigilant presence as this breed can release a foolish side of them which will entertain the whole family for hours.

Whether you have family over or friends, your sheepdog will be just as inviting and will make sure that they have a great time and leave covered in dog hair.

Ignore them at your peril though as they can be very demanding of attention if they feel as though they aren’t receiving enough. Leaving them for a long period of time without human contact can create destructive behaviour and they’ll become unhappy and noisy. 

Nobody wants an unhappy sheepdog!

No matter which breed you decide to invite into your family, always make sure that they have been correctly trained, socialised and you do not overwhelm them straight away.

A new surrounding can be quite daunting for a dog, especially a puppy, so always allow them time to settle and take things nice and slow. 

Enjoy having a lovable dog which you can share your affection with and make lots of memories together.

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