6 Amazing Gifts For Any Dog Owner

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January 14, 2022

Have you got a friend or family relative who you are stuck for ideas on for what they would like for Christmas? If they own a dog, then this list is going to help you out and get them presents which they will definitely be happy with!

There are many different types of products on the market today. Ranging from toys to coats and treats to harnesses. There’s something for every dog owner out there.

So, lets dive right in and find you 6 funky but amazing gift ideas you can buy for any dog owner at Christmas!

Kicking it off first with an LED lit safety dog collar. These collars are extremely handy and a great piece of equipment to own for any dog walker out there.

These are especially useful in the dark winter months when walking early in the morning or late at night. Safety is paramount and these collars offer a 360-Degree illumination to make sure that their dog will stand out and protect both the dog and the walker.

These collars can be adjusted by manually cutting them down to fit their own dog, so there is no worry about not knowing which size you will need as one size can fit all.

Another great feature on this collar is the different variants of flashing made available. With one simple click, you can change the light from a steady glow to a rapid flash of colour.

These collars can last up to 8 hours and only require 1 hour of charging by a USB port, making them quick and efficient to use.

They come in 5 different colours to choose from. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

These collars will not only make an amazing gift for Christmas, but they will also keep both the owner and dog safe!

These snuffle mats have many different benefits to a dog’s day-to-day life. It has been proven that if a dog has been sniffing for approximately 10 minutes, this is the same as them running for 1 hour.

This is because it stimulates the fun of play for them, but also makes them work for their treats.

This feeding mat is known to relieve stress for any anxious dog whilst also tiring them out. This can be extremely useful for high energy dogs which are known to destroy furniture whilst the owners are at work or out for the day.

They can also be beneficial for dogs which may eat their treats or dry food too quickly, as the mat will make them look for their treats, which in turn slows them down eating.

They are extremely easy to clean too. All you need to do is pop it in the washing machine and then hang them out to dry.

This is a very colourful, stylish, strong and durable item to add to any dog’s collection of toys and activities. A perfect gift for any playful pup!

There is nothing a dog loves more than food, toys and sleeping. These Octopuses have no stuffing inside of them, so there is no need to worry about their dog eating the stuffing or making a mess with it all. This makes the toy very safe and durable.

They are designed to be a crinkle chew toy which can be especially great for puppies when they are going through their teething phase. As we all know that puppies will get their teeth on anything and everything when they are going through this stage.

They also have a squeak in their head to amuse them for hours. These toys are funky and brightly coloured attracting their dog straight away. This will help to reduce any boredom, anxiety, or stress within their dog.

Due to the size of the toy, they are recommended for puppies, small and medium dogs as they are measured at around 12.6 inches.

Like the light up collar, this item of equipment will also offer a high amount of road safety to any dog wearing it. This vest comes in a range of 5 different sizes which makes it available for nearly all dog owners.

The vest fastens with Velcro which makes it easy to adjust and put it on and take it off again. It is lightweight and durable. This vest is also 100% weatherproof which can be used in rain, wind, snow, or any other bad weather.

This vest will make you easily visible from 500 feet away at night which will make them be seen and kept safe to road users whilst out walking at night.

This product will offer so much safety and be a great gift for Christmas.

We all know how toys can get everywhere in a house, and over the years, a toy collection can grow quite large. That is why this collapsible toy storage box would be a great gift for any dog owner at Christmas.

A great thing about this box is that you can personalise it with your dog’s name on it. You can also choose from 5 different colours and two different sizes, depending on how crazy a toy collection it is.

These are designed to be very easy to transport or put away in storage due to them being collapsible. Unlike some storage boxes, this specific box has avoided rope handles as it isn’t uncommon for some dogs to think that these handles are toys.

Help tidy up someone’s house this Christmas by purchasing this organised storage box whilst treating someone too.

Unlike some dog chews, these specific dog chews are designed to be funky whilst still offering healthy benefits to their dog. They come in a mixed shape for their dog which can help remove plaque and prevent tartar building up.

These treats are all natural and hypoallergenic which can be used as a daily treat for them.  They are also a great alternative to bones. They are made to be low fat and all sugar free to maintain a healthy and natural diet.

Due to the unique structure and shape of the chews, they will last three times longer than other chews, ensuring your dog is kept entertained for hours.

These treats will make both the owner and dog very happy this Christmas!

These are just a small handful of products available on the market. Hopefully this has given you a good insight on what there is to offer, and you will be well on your way to purchasing gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

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