6 Different Types Of Pitbull’s

Blue Nosed Pitbull Looking Into The Distance

February 1, 2022

Whilst many people believe that a Pitbull is a breed, it is in fact a generalised term for several breeds under the umbrella of ‘Pitbull’. This confusion is common and usually relates to a stereotypical structure and stance certain dogs have.

They were originally bred to have a muscular build and to be used within inhumane dogfighting. This has since been banned. But due to this, they have now gained the reputation of being scary and aggressive dogs, when they are far from it! They are known to be loving, loyal, and always keen to please their owners.

We have put together a list of 6 types of Pitbull breeds, which will include their characteristics and personalities.

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American Pitbull Terrier

Originally bred for participating in Bullbaiting before this became illegal, they then moved on to the farm, until today where they are known as great companion and family dogs. They are known to be affectionate and intelligent which means they are always eager to please their owners whilst training and in day-to-day life.

Whilst this breed is described as a great family dog, they are a very lively breed and require a lot of exercise outdoors. This is not only to stretch their legs and burn off excess energy, but also to prevent weight gain. They also require early obedience training and socialisation as a young puppy to familiarize them to other dogs, humans, and pets. As they have been known to portray cats and other small animals as prey, unless you have been able to train them to see otherwise.

This is a highly intelligent and switched-on breed so keeping their mind busy and active all the time will help keep them out of mischief. Unless they are sleeping of course!

Whilst it may help some dogs having a canine best friend to play with, the Pitbull Terriers have a very high prey drive, so they can struggle to interact with other dogs unless they have been trained and socialised correctly. But they will have a very strong bond with their human best friends.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Unlike the American Pitbull Terrier above, the American Staffordshire Terrier were not as commonly used for fighting which has resulted in a more mellow temperament.

Whilst this breed is more mellow, they are still highly intelligent and require a lot of attention and exercise as they are known to grow bored very quickly. Like all the Pitbull’s, the more training and socialising they have in their early days, the easier and more controlled both of your lives will be.

They also thrive of challenges both mentally and physically, so it is recommended to supply them with indestructible toys which will keep their mind busy.

If you are considering owning an American Staffordshire Terrier, then make sure you do lots of research first. Not only about the breed itself, but the breeder you are getting them from. Unless you are adopting!

Red Nose Pitbull

Like the American Pitbull Terrier, these are bred for their specific copper-coloured nose. They are rarer than the American Pitbull, but they are the same in every other way.

They are built with a stocky build and an athletic stance, which makes them larger than the typical Pitbull we see and know today. Whilst being stocky, their head is broad, with a powerful jaw and their neck is muscular. You certainly wouldn’t be able to mistake one.

Whilst they also have a bd mark against their name due to their past, this dog is loving and affectionate. Being loyal to their owners, they can be a great dog to own, providing they have been correctly trained and socialised.

If you were to own one, we would recommend doing all your research prior. This will help you understand what you are signing up for and if you can manage it all.

If you train and socialise this canine correctly, you will have a friend for life!

Blue Nose Pitbull

Another type of the American Pitbull Terrier, the blue nosed Pitbull has been genetically formed to have a blue-coloured nose. This is due to a colour dilation in their skin after being genetically bred.

Due to breeders concentrating so much on their colour pigmentation, this type of Pitbull is known to have health concerns along the way.

The Blue nose Pitbull are known to be affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and very athletic. Even with the bad history against their name, they are known to be one of the most affectionate dog breeds around.

They show lots of love to their owners and will never turn away a cuddle, which means they can be great with children. But the breed must be trained and socialised correctly as with any breed. You must also supervise your children with them in case anything accidental happens whilst playing or cuddling.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, also known as Staffies, are genuine people pleasers. They love to make their humans happy and try their hardest, no matter what they are doing. They are known to be affectionate and kind dogs, but sometimes they forget how strong and heavy they are, so can become boisterous whilst playing.

They have been described as a “nanny dog” due to their kind and soft nature with children. But like all dogs, they should be monitored around small children in case things get a bit too crazy!

They are known for being active and athletic, so they are not ideal for a quiet and relaxed household. They thrive on being in the centre of the fun and being involved in everything what is going on around them.

Like all Pitbull breeds, it is highly recommended that they are trained from a young age to socialise with other dogs as they can become dominant and competitive when it comes to other dogs. they are also very protective over their family, so if you bring another dog into the equation, make sure you introduce them gradually to prevent issues.

Being a busy dog, means they love to play with toys. They can become mouthy and enjoy chewing things. Consider purchasing some indestructible toys for them which will keep their brain busy, but also prevent them chewing on anything else.

These muscular, playful, and endearing dogs will thrive off affection off their owners but also a lot of exercise due to being high maintenance and energetic. They require 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, as well as mental stimulation, like toys, daily.

Whilst being tough dogs, and having a hardy look about them, they don’t cope well in cold or damp weather. If they are shivering, or the weather is miserable outside, don’t feel silly about putting them in a doggy coat or jumper to keep them nice and toastie.

Whilst these dogs are loving and loyal, early training and socialisation in life is important for them to be able to live a stress-free and happy adult life. Without correct training and socialisation, they have been known to show aggression to other dogs, pets, and people they may not know.

Life with this breed will never have a dull moment, however it is best for you to do your research before purchasing or adopting. You will then be aware of what you are taking on and the challenges you may face. But after all the challenges, you will have one very loving and loyal dog beside you.

Whilst the Pitbull breeds have a negative reputation, they can be some of the most loving, loyal, and friendly dogs out there. it is important to check if you are allowed a Pitbull in your village, due to many of these breeds being on the dangerous dogs list and being banned. If you are in possession of a banned dog, whether it be the breed or the physical looks, you will be taken to court and your dog will be removed. It will then be decided whether they are a danger to the public or not. If you are found guilty, you can be fined and sent to prison for a decided amount of time. Your dog will also be destroyed.

Do your research and if possible, adopt don’t shop! If you are to shop, make sure you are buying from a registered, reputable breeder, try to avoid backyard breeders as the risk of your future puppy having health implication may be significantly higher.

Most importantly, enjoy your dog and make memories together! After all, our pooches can become our best friends for life!

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