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Corgi Cooling Off

July 22, 2022

Whilst it may not be for a long period of time in the UK, summer can be a scorcher sometimes and some of our pets can really struggle in the blazing heat.

This is a particularly prevalent point with the UK having broken different heat wave records in the past few weeks!

To combat this a cooling mat can be the answer to all your dog’s prayers and ensure that your pet remains cool and doesn’t become sick.

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Starting off with an affordable basic mat which will help keep your dog nice and cool this summer.

This mat is made from 100% non-toxic gel which is completely safe for your pets if an accident takes place, and the mat is broken. This mat’s great because it’s completely safe for pooches and humans with no need to add any water, chill, or even freeze it.

It is activated through external pressure application meaning that once your dog has laid on the mat, the cooling gel inside will activate and begin to cool the mat down. This will make one extremely happy dog which of course leads to a happy owner.

By treating your dog to this bed, you are not just getting them a cooling bed to lay on during the hot summer months, but you are offering them a memory foam mattress which is going to help support their whole body whilst they sleep and give them more comfort during rest time.

This bed will offer your dog a perfect sleep every time due to how comfortable it is, and they won’t find themselves sliding across the floor as it has a specifically designed bottom to reduce slipping.

A great feature for all of you owners out there is the ability to be able to wash the cover of the bed quickly and easily in the washing machine. No messing about required…just one simple zip!

If you have an elderly dog who perhaps struggles to get up off a normal bed and takes a few steps before they are walking more positively, this bed could help.

Due to the memory foam mattress, this bed will mould to your dog’s shape and will help relieve any joint pain they are suffering from.

Not only is this bed ideal for the warm summer months to help keep your dog nice and cool, but this bed also doubles up as a heating bed for those chilly winter months.

Easy to use and know which side is which, as the blue bed is the cool side and the pink side is the winter warmer, this bed is bound to go down a treat for any pooch which is lucky enough to own one.

As they lay on the cool side, the cooling gel will activate due to pressure and start to cool the whole bed and dog down! On the other side, the warm bed is very well insulated and is covered with a nice warm thermal Sherpa for them to sleep on and become all warm and snuggly.

The memory foam mattress in between these two layers will offer them a perfect sleep whilst reducing the pain and discomfort from joint issues and muscle stiffness.

Whilst this bed doesn’t have any cooling gel which gets activated to cool your dog down, it is specifically raised off the floor helping create airflow between the floor and them, keeping them much cooler on this than a regular bed.

No matter whether you own a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, there is a bed fit for them and every dog in between.

There is nothing we want more as pet owners than our pets to be happy, loved, and comfortable. Especially when they are struggling with the hot weather.

Why not treat your dog to not just any cooling bed, but a cute, discreet looking bed? With a choice of pink or blue, this bed is going to keep them cool in style.

You can decide to use this bed wherever it is most convenient for you. Whether that may be in the car, at home, or away on holiday, this bed will be perfect for the both of you.

This bed can help reduce:

  • Heat stroke
  • Stress
  • Joint pain
  • Discomfort

This mat can be a great item to take on holiday with you and your pooch in the summer months.

Not only is it lightweight, but you are also able to fold and store this away whilst you are travelling or walking around. Simply pop it into a bag and when you come to needing it again, there is no setting up included. All you need to do is unfold and it’s ready for your dog to use.

Place the summer sheet face up in the summer so they can lay on the cooler side. The way this works is by absorbing all the heat from your dog’s body, cooling them down as they rest.

Jade cold element crystals inside this mat help eliminate any heat within your pet by bringing their temperature down and diffusing all heat absorption.

What differentiates this mat from others is its overall design. Indeed…this is most certainly not your typical blue cooling mat, instead this has an eye-catching design to tempt any pooch walking by feeling the warmth.

There are no worries about having to get a different mat for each area or occasion because this is a multi-purpose mat and will help you wherever you are!

The floor, the sofa, the back seat of your car, their kennel, or even outside in the shade to help them feel even cooler. This mat really does have it all!

We thought that we would save the best mat till last because this one is hard to miss!

Introducing the funkiest mat, you’ve ever seen. Whilst it is keeping your dog nice and cool while they snooze, they will be dreaming about chasing flamingos due to the funky design.

Moving on from the cool design, this mat will help keep your dog super cool this summer due to the pressure activated gel.

Also, if you find that your laptop isn’t coping with the heat, why not borrow their cooling mat and place it under your laptop? Win-win for everybody!

These mats will really help you this summer, or whenever it gets too hot in the UK, to keep your dog cool and comfy all day long.

If you’re starting to feel a bit hot and flustered, have a lay down with your pooch and share the mat with them! We’re sure that they won’t mind…abit!

We recommend that you keep a close eye on the mats and check for any damage. The gel inside may not be toxic, but it is still not recommended for it to be eaten.

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