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Horse In A Stable

February 3, 2022

Whether your equine is in for an injury or illness, or it’s winter and the fields can be likened to a swamp, we have got you covered for all the tips and tricks you will need whilst they are in their stable.

Box rest is never fun for either our horses or ourselves. It requires much more work and financial expense for us, more mucking out and more hay used, and greater effort required to keep your horse entertained and prevent them bringing the whole stable wall down from boredom. We understand your pain!

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Stable Mirrors

First things first, the simplest method. A companion! Whilst you may be thinking, “If only it was that simple, to get another friend for them to stay in with ”. This will create even more work and expense as it will double everything. Not what we want, especially in winter.

However, what if we said you can trick your equine into thinking there is a friend right next door to them?

Stable mirrors can be great feature to have installed if your horse will not settle on their own. They have been scientifically proven to reduce the amount of stress your horse experiences when they are in on their own – providing them with a ‘companion’ which will make them very happy and content.

Not only are these super effective, they are also extremely easy to put up and are safe and shatterproof. So, there will be no shattering even if your gorgeous gelding takes a fancy to himself and tried to take a chunk out of the mirror.

Hay Balls

We all know just how food orientated our lovely equines can be and how much they love to cost us on hay or haylage each year, let alone whilst they are on box-rest! This is where the hay ball can enter the scene.

This incredible invention will provide your horse fun for hours. But it will also slow their hay intake down which means it will last them all night and they won’t become bored and hungry – a sure-fire recipe to cause havoc.

Fruit Kebab

Our horses love food, right?

So, it only makes sense for us to keep them entertained with delicious snacks like a fruit kebab. You can get very creative whilst making these and they are very simple to create.

All you need is fruit, vegetables, baler twine, and somewhere to tie this kebab. On their door or in the middle of the stable usually works best and lasts them that little bit longer due to not having a wall to push the kebab on to stop it swinging.

Once you have chosen the juicy snacks, you want to put a hole through the middle of each one and thread the baler twine through. Once this has been done, find somewhere to tie it, tie it securely to something sturdy, and watch your equines enjoy trying to catch the swinging treats.

*Always check what your equine can and cannot eat before putting it on your kebab. If your horse is in for laminitis or other weight or sugar related reasons, this may not be practical*

Cuddly Friend

Who wouldn’t want a cuddly teddy to sleep with every day and night, especially if they are spending a prolonged amount of time in their stable?

Whether this be an ordinary teddy for them, or one specifically designed for them, they will be bound to excited over this and appreciate having a friend.

It is always recommended to remove anything small from the teddy, including the eyes and nose to prevent them swallowing anything which they chew off. Always keep checking the teddy for any damage or holes.

If you want to be really creative, you can get a small teddy, open it up and remove the stuffing, and place an empty plastic bottle inside. This will make a crinkly noise when they chew or play with it which will further intrigue them and keep them occupied.

Massage Pad

This may not keep them busy and out of mischief, it will certainly benefit them whilst they are on box-rest.

This massage pad will help keep their back muscles relaxed and loose whilst they are unable to stretch their legs and run around. It is scientifically found to promote relaxation for them so this will be extremely useful whilst they are stabled. A relaxed horse is a happy horse.

The more relaxed we can keep them, the less chance of destruction.

Likit Boredom Breaker

With so many different flavours to spoil them with, they will think all of their Christmas’s have come at once and will forget how they are confined to their stable all day when you present them with one of these.

Likit offers so many different flavours to choose from apple, to carrot, or watermelon. You will be spoilt for choice.

Even better, this specific likit toy holds three different licks, so why not mix things up and give them three different flavours to choose from.

They will have hours of fun trying to get the lick whilst it swings and spins.

 Greedy Feeder Haynets

One of the biggest problems during the time our equines are on box rest is them running out of foraging materials and become agitated. Not only can they become anxious and bored, but this can also lead to further complications like ulcers or colic which can be fatal.

There is only so many haynets you can fit around your stable to try and give them enough hay. You may be able to put hay on the floor also, but many of our horses love to play and mix it into their bed causing us a lot of stress in the mornings with messy beds, wasted hay, and them not actually eating all night.

So, we have decided to bring you the greedy feeder haynet. This allows you to give them their usual amount of hay, but because of the small holes and it being double netted, this will slow them down and allow their foraging time to last longer.

No messy beds, no wasted hay, no hungry or angry horses. Win win all around!

None of us enjoy our horses being on box rest for whatever reason it may be. Whether it is because of the weather or from illness or injury, it’s not fun for anyone involved. Things cost more, normal jobs take longer, and your equine may just not be as happy as they are in the field with their friends.

But with these amazing products we have brought to you, box rest may not be as stressful as it has been before. Always remember to keep the finishing line in view and it will be over before you know it.

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