What Can I Decorate My Freshwater Aquarium With?

Freshwater Fish In Their Tank

February 3, 2022

Whilst you can brighten your freshwater tank up with lots of bright colourful fish, how about brightening it up with different plants, substrates, and decorations?

We have compiled a list of lots of different things you can add to your freshwater tank to make yours look different from the rest.

Before purchasing anything new for your tank, always consider the fish you have in there and if your new decorations will be suitable for their needs or if it will be detrimental to their health.

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Substrate is the product which you add to the bottom of the tank, whether this is sand, gravel, or crushed coral. Whilst it looks appealing to the eye, substrate can have an impact on your fish’s health depending on which type you choose.

With this in mind, we recommend researching the best substrate for their health and best interest.


When you are choosing a substrate for your freshwater tank, it needs to be the best for all your fish’s. Therefore, gravel may be an ideal solution. Gravel allows water to flow through and prevents any build-up of bacteria.

Unlike other substrates like sand, your gravel will not be pulled through your filters and cause blockages. If this happens with sand and your filter gets blocked, this will stop the smooth running and affect their health.

Whether you choose natural looking gravel to recreate their habitat, or you decide to design a story with your tank and brighten things up with some pink or blue gravel, there is something out there for you.


When it comes to decorating your tank, plants tend to make it look fuller and brighter. But do you actually need plants for a freshwater tank?

Whilst the short answer is no, plants can actually be beneficial for your fish. They can offer shelter and a hiding place if they feel like they need too.

Purchasing artificial plants not only can make your tank look colourful due to the array of colours they can come in, but they are a lot easier to care for and look after.

If you own fishes in your tank which have long fins that are soft and delicate, we strongly advise for you to purchase silk plants instead. There is a high risk that they may become entangled with plastic plants which can damage their fins.


If you add a house to your tank, this will allow your fishes to feel safe and offer them an area to feel hidden and protected if they ever need too.

This is where you can start to get really adventurous and build your perfect scene for your aquarium. Maybe you want your tank to represent SpongeBob SquarePants, or they are going to live in a castle. Whichever home you choose for them, allow your imagination to run free and create that perfect story.

If you would like to keep your tank looking natural and simple, add a home which can look like a tree trunk or just a simple cave. This can offer them a place to hide, allow your tank to look stylish, and also appear very natural and simple.


Like we mentioned before about becoming creative and letting your imagination run free. Well, you are about to become even more creative with decorative options:

SpongeBob SquarePants Friends

Following on from the SpongeBob theme with the houses, we have brought you the team from SpongeBob SquarePants which you can add to your growing scene.

This 12-character set will allow you to create bikini bottom in your very own tank. With the likes of the main man himself SpongeBob Square Pants, his best friend Patrick, and his pet snail Gary. This set is the perfect addition to your tank.


Have you ever wanted your very own jaws? But you don’t have the space to own a very large shark in your small tank. With this 7 inch smiling shark figurine, you can have your very own jaws amongst your other fish!


The last decoration we are bringing to you is a good one. This stone figure isn’t just any stone figure. This is a Groot which can be connected to an air pump which in turn will blow bubbles from the top of his head.

The air which comes out the top of his head increases the level of oxygen and lowers the level of C02 within your tank.

Groot will be a great feature to add to your tank which will not only make your tank look incredible but offer many great benefits. Everyone needs a Groot!


By adding lights to your freshwater tank, you will be able to brighten it up and make it look better than it already does.

Whether you want to add a normal light or a colourful light, this LED strip has an option for all of you. With 4 different transitions and 16 different colours, such as blue, pink, red, or purple. We can guarantee this will be a great thing to add!

There is no need to worry about this LED strip getting wet as it is fully protected and waterproof.


Finally, the chance to create your very own underwater ocean.

How would you like to create your very own ocean floor in your fish tank at home?

By using background posters, you can do just that! There are so many different backdrops for you to choose from and pick the perfect one for you.

From the ocean floor to the coral reefs, adding a backdrop to your tank will add the finishing touches and give your tank the perfect set up you desired.

Hopefully you have plenty of ideas on how to design your perfect freshwater tank and how to create your perfect scene whilst always keeping your little fish happy and healthy. Always remember to check for any damage before adding anything to your tank and be sure that what you are adding will not be harmful to your specific fish. But most of all, have lots of fun!

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