Adopt, Don’t Shop

February 7, 2022

Each year, more and more pets pass through rehoming centres. Some may only be there for a short period of time, whereas others will spend most of their life there without having a family or human to love and call their own.

Whether this be a dog, a cat, a horse, or a donkey. 100’s of pets will either be handed over to a charity or seized due to welfare and negligence. Some of which can turn up in in such a state.

Without charities like Blue Cross, World Horse Welfare, and Dogs Trust to name a few, many animals would be left to suffer alone and unfortunately may pass before ever having the chance to be rescued.

However, this blog isn’t going to be all doom and gloom, only a small fraction of it. We are going to discuss all the benefits of adopting your new best friend, instead of encouraging more and more breeders and shopping for your pets.

There are so many pets in shelters today who are just longing for a human to call their own.

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Why Should You Adopt?

Obviously, we cannot tell you what to do…we can only help guide you in the right direction and educate every one of the potential risks of shopping and not adopting.

We understand how exciting it can be to bring home a fresh bundle of joy and have a bouncing puppy bounding around the house or a cute little kitten playing with all of their toys.

Whilst it may be exciting to watch them grow up and teach them new things, have you ever considered adopting one from a rescue centre. Sometimes, there can be puppies on the website, ready to adopt.

With so many pets across the UK, it is estimated that 250,000 animals end up in a rescue centre each year. This averages out to approximately 20,833 each month and 685 every single day! This is a lot of our loving pets being rescued, handed over, or found abandoned.

Whilst some situations cannot be helped when pets are handed over to a rescue centre due to unforeseen circumstances, many of these are found neglected and had a rough start to life.

This makes it even more crucial to adopt an animal instead of purchasing one from a breeder. Give a pet a second chance in life and give them the future they deserve.

Rescue Charities in the UK

There are many rescue charities scattered all around the UK, ranging from cat centres, dog centres and equine centres. Each one of these charities need our help for them to continue saving pets from across the country. They rely on our donations, our support, and offering their animals a second chance for a new life by rehoming them.

Some of the well-known charities spread across the UK work tirelessly all throughout the year to give the animals in their care the best start to life.

Here is a list of some of the charities you can help this year:

Blue Cross Animal Charity

Blue Cross first started in 1897 on the streets of London caring for the working horses. Since it has become a popular charity in the UK expanding to 11 centres dotted throughout the country. Some of these centres also have behavioural units on-site along with some sites catering for equines too.

Whilst this charity takes in neglected and abandoned pets, they also work alongside struggling owners who may be in difficulties and are unable to offer their pets the care they require.

They offer help and support, and if you meet their requirements, they will treat your pet if they need veterinary assistance. This charity is one example as to why we need to continue our support on animal charities in every way we can.

“Fate can be unkind to pets, together we can change their future.” – Blue Cross Animal Charity.

Dogs Trust

This is the largest dog charity based in the UK looking after over 150,000 dog each year in our 20 sites. Founded in 1891, they have protected many dogs from any neglect, ill-suffering, and ill-usage of any kind. They put the dogs needs at the heart of each project and investigation.

There are many ways you can help support this charity which does not involve rehoming a dog if you are not able to own one yourself. You can donate to them however much you wish, or you can sponsor one of their many different shapes and sizes of dogs from as little as £1.

Due to this charity being solely dependent, they rely on the public’s generosity. A great thing about being a sponsor for one of their dog’s is that not only will you receive updates on your dog, but you will also help look after them and keep the charity going with all of their hard work.

The British Racehorse Retraining Centre

Being the first UK charity dedicated to racehorses who retire from the track, it was established in 1991 to help find ex racehorses new homes and offering them a second chance to life once their career was over.

Whether that be because of a natural end, a lack of the ability to race, or through injury, this charity has taken in over 100 horses and rehabilitated them, re-trained them, and rehomed them with protection for life.

Thousands of racehorses leave the track each year, and whilst charities like this aim to give each one a protected life, many are left with uncertain futures due to the demanding start to life they have had.

By supporting charities like this one, you can ensure that you are protecting thoroughbreds all the way through their life, and they end up having a new start to life.

Cat Protection

Starting in 1927, Cats Protection is now the biggest UK based feline charity. Within the 94 years of operating, they have managed to rehome over two million kittens and cats and offer them a fresh start to life.

There are many ways in which you can support this charity and help them keep doing what they are doing. Firstly, you can rehome cats or kittens by heading over to their website and checking what cats they have available in your area.

If you are not currently able to rehome one of their cats, you can donate, sponsor, or even volunteer at your local branch. All of this will help support the charity and all of the cats out there who desperately need your support.

The Difference You Can Make To A Charity

There are lots of different ways in which you can help not only these charities, but all the pets out there!

By adopting a pet, you are offering them a second chance, a family to love but also supporting the charity and aiding them into helping more pets and owners out there.

The best bit is, the feeling you will get after rescuing a pet. They may have had a very rough start in their life and struggle to trust and bond with humans. But once you build that trust and teach them to love again, it will be a bond like no other.

You don’t need to rehome to make a difference! In fact, you don’t even need to leave your home. You can donate, sponsor, or some charities have shops where you can purchase items in which the money goes into the charity.They may also have an Amazon Wishlist where they can add product’s they need to provide the care for their animals. How great is this?

One more thing you can do to support charities is a fundraiser. Maybe you love baking, or walking, or painting. You could consider turning your loved hobbies into fundraisers and support some of these charities!

Any support you can offer to an animal charity will be massively gratifying and appreciated by everyone involved. So, make a difference today, support a charity and adopt, don’t shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to Rehome a Pet from a Charity?

Yes. Charities will ask for a fee when you are rehoming one of their pets. These charities rely solely on donations and the publics support by adopting, sponsoring, and donating. By paying their fee, you are allowing them to care and rescue more animals.

Where does my Money go if I Sponsor a Pet?

If you decide to sponsor a pet from a charity, you will be providing the necessary care and attention you’re your sponsored pet and all their friends.

Will I receive Updates if I Sponsor a Pet?

Many charities run the scheme of sponsoring one of their pets. If you decide to do this, you will receive updates and usually pictures of your chosen pet. The number of updates you receive will vary on which charity you choose.

Do Animal Charities offer Support to Owners?

Yes! Most charities are known to help support and guide owners through any difficult times they may be facing.

This may be financial issues, ill-health, pet behavioural issues, or veterinary treatment. Blue Cross have a behavioural team as well as offering support with certain treatments if you fall within the guidelines. Charities will do their best to support owners and their pets without ceasing your pet.

If you are struggling with any type of problem, never feel ashamed to reach out and ask for help.

Can I Visit the Charities?

Most charities are open to the public for you to walk around, see the animals sheltered there, and learn more about the work they do. However, due to coronavirus, some charities may have restrictions on, so it is recommended to contact their team prior to visiting.

Some smaller charities may go on an appointment only visits.

By the end of this, you should hopefully have some insight in all the positive benefits you can get out of adopting and not shopping. 

You are now aware of all the different possibilities of supporting a charity and all the positive benefits you will receive from supporting them. Remember, next time you are thinking about getting a new pet, can you adopt one instead?

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