6 Festive Treats To Make At Home For Your Four-Legged Best Friends.

Bone Treats In Christmas Wrapping

February 7, 2022

Christmas is a magical time, and we all love to indulge in some scrumptious treats. But how amazing would it be if you could enjoy some treats with your pets too?

This blog will provide you with some fun but simple recipes for you to make at home which your pets will love you for!

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Peanut Butter Festive Biscuits

These festive peanut butter Christmas trees will be a huge hit in your household as they are pet and child friendly in case your little one finds one and gets curious.

That’s right, these biscuits will keep your dog very happy, but also your children (if they love peanut butter). However, they may not enjoy them as much as your pooch will, as they will not be sweet like chocolate cookies.

These biscuits will not only taste delicious but smell appetising too. So, you will not have to make them eat them outside or worry about their smelly breath as they give you a slobbery kiss as a thank you, because I guarantee, once they have had one of these treats, they will love you forever.

These treats are easy to make and even easier for them to eat. They take approximately 15 minutes to prepare and 40 minutes to cook, whilst being demolished in 30 seconds.

You can make them any shape you wish, from a Christmas tree to a gingerbread man with these amazing cookie cutters from Amazon. These treats are bound to go down a treat, so head on over to our recipe and make them today.

Tuna Tasting Treats

We all know how crazy our cats can go for tinned tuna. Your cat can be in another room in the house, but as soon as that tin is opened, they are at your feet demanding some for themselves. That is why these treats will be a huge success in your home.

The ingredients involved in these treats are very easy to get hold of and you may even have them all in your cupboards at home. These treats will have your kitties demanding them all the time but be careful they don’t tell all their friends as you will have all the cats in the neighbourhood around asking for these yummy treats.

Our cats’ mouths are very small so they are unable to fit big treats in (they will still give it a good go if they are given the opportunity). That is why we have found these handy mini-Christmas cookie cutters which will be perfect to make your tasty treats. If you think your feline-friends will love these treats, check out our easy recipe on how to make them.

Doggy Gingerbread Men

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the smell of ginger lingering in the air. That’s why we have brought you an amazing, yet simple, recipe to enjoy gingerbread men with your canine best friend.

This recipe is not only very easy to make, but you can double or even quadruple it to make more cookies for the whole village. Whilst these cookies may take longer to make than some of our other pet-friendly treats, they will be totally worth it, and your dog will be your best friend.

No matter what size your dog is, we have you covered with these different sized cookie cutters.  Once you have made them, you can decorate them whichever way you choose with our pet friendly recipe on icing.

Use these cookies for training, a treat or for photo purposes to get them likes on Instagram. If you make these treats, be sure to be asked where you got them from as they will look that good!

If you want to get more likes on Instagram and make all your friends and family begging for some for their own dogs, check out our recipe.

Go Crackers for Chicken

These chicken flavoured treats are sure to turn your cats’ crackers for them. They are quick and easy to make and even easier for them to eat. You can make them in any shape you wish!

But because it is Christmas, why not make them into a Santa or a Christmas tree with these cool cutters. Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t eat them at first, they might still find them too big to eat, so try breaking them up. As we know, they like to be princess’ or princes.

You can even modify this recipe and add things like cranberries or blueberries. These are both safe to feed your feline friend if it is fed in small moderations. So go and treat your cute kitty this Christmas with some scrumptious treats by checking out our recipe.

Bacon Biscuits to Go Nutty Over

These bacon and peanut butter flavoured biscuit’s will send your dog nutty for them and begging for more. Best thing about these treats, they will only take you 10 minutes to prepare and 25 minutes to cook.

Also, take into consideration how long it will take for them to cool, as well as if you would like to decorate them, and how long it takes for them to set.

This recipe is very simple to follow and includes easy to find ingredients. So, there is no need to worry about going to five different supermarkets, looking for ingredients. Treat your dogs this Christmas, by making these nutty biscuits!

To make these biscuits look even better than they are going to smell and taste, check out these fun cookie cutters which will add character to your yummy biscuits.

Find the recipe here.

Paw Lickin’ Popcorn Chicken Bites

These popcorn chicken bites will get your cat licking their chops all day long whilst craving more. They are easy and quick to make and only include easy and safe ingredients for your sweet kitties.

These treats will be easy feed, and you can alter how big or how small you wish them to be. Just bear in mind, the bigger you make them, the less treats you will be left with!

These are guaranteed to go down a treat in your household. Whilst you are tucking into your popcorn chicken from KFC after a long day of Christmas shopping, your cats can enjoy their very own popcorn chicken.

Check out our recipe to find out how you can make these yummy treats in the comfort of your own home.

No matter whether you are a cat lover or dog fan, or both! You will be able to treat your pets this Christmas to some fun and festive treats.

Remember, to keep to your pet’s regular diet and only use these treats in moderation. If you know your pet is allergic to any of the ingredients, substitute for another ingredient. Make sure this substitution Is pet safe first. Check out our blog on safe food for our pets. Last of all, be sure to remember the most important rule of Christmas. Have fun!

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