8 Of the Best Cat Toys on The Market

Cat Playing With A feather Toy

February 2, 2022

We all know how fussy our cats can be when it comes to playing with toys. Some can be all for it and play with them to the point you may question if they are part dog. Others may look at you in pure disgust and go back to sleep. Well, what if we told you we have found some toys which might interest even the sleepiest of cats?

In this blog, we are going to bring you some of the most unusual, funkiest toys on the market for our feline friends. Hopefully they will even interest the lazy kitties too!

In This Blog:

Beginning with a classic for any cats out there. we all know how much they love laser beams and laser pens and how crazy they will go to catch the disappearing red light. You know what we are talking about, climbing the walls, running in circles, leaping off furniture. Our cats love lasers and they are guaranteed to love this one too.

Due to the design of this laser beam, it enables you to place it on a shelf so there is a much greater risk of them colliding with the toy. We can’t guarantee it will stop them as our cat’s love to prove us wrong!

This has five adjustable ranges and has an automatic turn off after 15 minutes and an automated turn on every 3 hours, meaning even if you are not at home, your cats can still have lots of fun.

We all love to give our cats lots of tasty treats. So why not make them work for their treats?

This toy is part of a complete playground for cats called Catit Senses 2.0. This is designed to keep your cats mind stimulated, even when you are not at home.

With 5 different tubes (3 short, narrow tubes and 2 long, wide tubes) to test your cats digging skills, this is bound to entertain your cat, especially if their favourite treats are at the bottom of the tubes.

Why not spoil them completely and build their very own playground with all different attachments?

Designed to keep your kitties entertained for hours, this toy has three different coloured balls on three different levels. Whether you want to sit and play with them or leave them to their own devices, this toy can do both.

Watch them entertain themselves, batting the balls around and around, knowing that this toy is safe and practical.

This toy has so many features built in, it is bound to wake your cat up and keep them running around after it. They will not be able to resist.

With two different speed settings, led colourful lights, an interactive feather, and irregular steering pattern, these toys really are built to entertain.

The best bit is how they can be continuously used for 3 hours until they need charging. They only take 1 hour to charge!

This toy is bound to encourage any cat to interact and find their inner hunting skills and put them to the test. Even if you think you own the laziest cat, this toy is sure to get them up and moving.

This toy may sound strange, and you may be thinking, “why will my cat want to play with something like that?” but trust us when we say we think your cat will love this.  

Toys can get everywhere and become a real nuisance when you are tripping up over them or they are just left around.

Well, with this toy, that won’t happen as this can be attached to any hard surface where your cat will find it most useful. Whether that be on the floor, on a wall, or on a cupboard, it doesn’t have to be a trip hazard.

Not only does it have cat nip involved, but it also has an LED ball and a rolling ball in the middle allowing your cats to chew, rub, or play with it. So many great features!

This is a personal favourite. With 2 different ways and 4 different speed settings for your cat to interact with this toy, they are certain to be entertained for hours with this feather catching toy.

You can hide the feather under a blanket or duvet until they become curious and try and catch it. Afterall, we know how much they love to try and grab our hands or feet under the duvet.

Alternatively, you can have it on display and your cat can watch its irregular moving pattern and unleash their inner hunter by catching the feather! They will love this game.

Imagine having a fish flopping around on your living room floor for your cat to play with which hasn’t harmed any aquatic life?

Well now your cat can have their own nemo to play with all day long and they won’t even know the difference.

This dancing fish will flop around on the floor for hours whilst your cat bites and bops it. Every time your cat has contact with the fish, it will move due to the sensors inside.

This fish is easy to play with and even easier to charge up by using a USB cable to charge it – what more could either of you want?

Not only will this entertain your cat, but it will entertain you too by watching them!

Whilst we are on the subject of fishes, this is another great toy which includes fish.

These swimming robotic fish are designed to entertain your cats, even the cats who hate water. Which, lets be honest, is most of our feline friends!

But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore, thanks to these swimming fish which not only have a built-in flashing LED light, but they turn on when they are in water and turn off as soon as they are out of water. So, there is no need to worry about the batteries running out.

These colourful, swimming, robot fish are unique and exciting for your cats to play with. Find a big bowl and watch your cats have all the fun in the world.

When you are looking for a toy for your feline best friend, make sure to check the reviews, the company, the age range for the toy and the specific benefits from what the toy will offer your cat. This way your cat will get a great toy which will keep them occupied and you happy!

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