8 Popular Cat Breeds in The UK

Ragdoll Cat Looking Sweetly At The Camera

February 2, 2022

With the pandemic in 2021 making many people furloughed, the number of household cat owners rocketed to 26%. This is a 3% increase since 2020 alone!

Whilst this may not seem like that much of an increase, better perspective is provided in knowing that 26% works out roughly at 10.8 million cats across the UK!

With this uptick in cat owners, a commonly asked question is which feline breeds are becoming increasingly popular?

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Kicking it off with one of the most popular breeds out there, the domestic shorthaired cat, otherwise known as a moggy. A moggy is simply a non-pedigree cat which can be a mixture of different breeds. Whilst they are not pedigree, they can certainly make up for this in their sweet nature and playful characters.

These shorthaired felines can come in all different colours from white and black, to ginger or grey. Due to them being a non-pedigree cat and a mixture of different breeds, they don’t have any certain appearance or look about them, other than inherent cuteness!

This gorgeous breed is one which is not to be missed. With their gorgeous coat markings and colours which can represent their leopard ancestors. Bengals are the only breed of cat which can have rosette markings.

These slender, athletic cats love to climb and their long legs help them accomplish impressive feats. You will often find them staring at you from a great height whilst you wonder how they got up there.

Trust me, if there’s a will within your Bengal to reach a certain height, there is most certainly a way for them!

You will know when you see a Maine Coon cat as they are hard to miss!

This big fluffy breed of cat is one of the largest households breeds you can buy and whilst they may be very big in structure, their heart and affection for their owners can be even greater.

Their hairy ears and scruffy coat make them more adorable and a must have for any home. You may find if you own a Maine Coon, they will sleep in the weirdest of places and areas you may not even think they can fit!

If you are wanting a cat which loves to have a cuddle and be fussed, then the ragdoll may be the breed for you. Their name means to go limp when they are picked up, so they make a perfect partner for anyone who likes to be close with their cat!

Their piercing blue eyes are enough to melt anybody’s heart along with their super silky teddy bear fur. Due to this, it is no wonder as to why they are one of the most popular breeds in the UK.

This laid back and chilled breed is not one of the most playful cats available, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for them to show little to no interest in any new toys you bought for them to use.

This breed is hard to say no to, and it is obvious as to how they received their name.

Their appearance gives a lot away with their folding ears which has been found to be a genetic fault which has affected the way their cartilage forms. Their ears may be singularly folded, double folded, or in some cases then can be folded up to three times!

The Scottish Fold is known for being unique in how they present themselves. From standing on their back legs like a meerkat, to sprawling out on the floor and squeezing into small gaps to sleep. This breed will certainly add entertainment, energy, and love to your day.

Chubby cheeks and a flat face, this fluffy breed of cat is easy to spot. Whilst they may enjoy some playtime every now and again, they love nothing more than being slumped on the back of a chair or sofa, watching the world go by in peace.

Their original colour is a shiny grey coat, but with selective breeding becoming more and more prevalent, there are now 7 different colours reported for the Persian cat. These can range from silver to gold and other solid colours.

On top of this, their eye colour will usually correlate with their coat colour. For example, a white Persian is more likely to have blue eyes than a darker solid colour.

If you want a laid-back fluffy cat who has round cheeks and doesn’t mind playing occasionally then get yourself a Persian!

This one may surprise you. It is not very often you see a naked cat wandering across a field or crossing the road in front of you. We agree!

Not only are they furless, but they are also known to have larger ears, which can measure up to three inches. However, it is not just their adorable appearance, which is unique to this breed of cat, their personality is just as unique and out there.

They will do anything to catch your attention, from fooling around with furniture to jumping all over you – they love to play and have fun.  So be prepared to keep them entertained for multiple hours each day!

Unlike many of their counterparts, a Sphynx will love to sunbathe! That’s right, you heard us…provided they are given an opportunity, they will be sprawled out next to a window sunbathing and lapping all the warmth up.

They really are a character, so it is no wonder they are one of the most popular cats in the UK.

Quiet and gentle, this sweet natured cat may seem shy at first, but do not be fooled by their calm presence. This breed loves to play, jump, and climb all around – a true adventurer. You may spot them climbing to a higher viewpoint to observe their surroundings and work out whether they want to join in and play.

One thing to highlight for a Russian Blue is that they thrive off routine. If they get fed at a certain time one morning, you can bet that they will expect to be fed at that time every morning and you will be in trouble if you miss it. Their ideal home is calm and stable with not much change within and not many people coming and going.

A Russian blue won’t mind you leaving for a few hours every day either, so if you work away from home, don’t worry as your blue will enjoy the quiet time. This might be why this breed of cat has become so popular within the UK – an ideal pet for someone who has a set work and homelife.

Whilst there are so many breeds out there which can cater for everyone’s need, it is always paramount that you do your research before getting any cat to make sure your lifestyle will suit their needs.

Each year cats are becoming more and more popular, and they are known to be just as loving and loyal as the man’s best friend, the dog. Who wouldn’t want to own one of these gorgeous felines?

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