Border Terrier Fact File

Border Terrier In The Forrest

June 28, 2022

A vigilant and lively breed of small dog, the Border Terrier was originally bred for assisting in foxhunts. They would drive foxes out from hiding and into the open for the hounds to pick up the scent and pursue.

Now that fox hunting is banned, they have adapted well into household pets and love to have an adoring family.

In This Blog We Cover:

The History Of The Border Terrier

Border Terriers were once more commonly known as the Coquetdale or the Redesdale Terrier due to their places of origin. But in the 1800’s, they became known by their more modern name due to the connection they had with the Border Hunt in Northumberland.

Border Terriers were bred to be quick and nimble as they needed to have long legs and enough stamina to keep up with the huntsman on horseback all day. They were meant to do this whilst still being small and nimble enough to fit down a fox hole and chase the foxes back into the open.

They are energetic, strong, and not exhausted easily. There is no challenge which the Border Terrier will turn down.

Breed Overview

Life expectancy

12-15 Years Old


12-15 Inches


13-15 Pounds (Male 11-14 Pounds Female


Black, Grey, Red, Cream, Blue, Brindle



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Easy To Train

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Energy Levels

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Dog Friendly

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Handles Being Alone

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While this breed is an amazing household pet to have around and love, they do need to be socialised adequately at a very young age, due to their very high prey drive.

If they are not socialised correctly, they are prone to chase and attack other smaller animals like cats, rabbits, and hamsters. And goodness helps any squirrels brave enough to venture into a Border Terriers garden!

Border Terriers can be easy to train, but they can have a stubborn streak, so they often want to do things at their pace and in their own time. If they do become stubborn, Border Terriers respond well to discipline and positive reinforcement.

Due to the highly active lives they used to live, and their love for playtime, this is a breed which thrives on having a purpose.

Whether it’s agility, obedience, or hours of playing with their favourite toy, you will often catch them doing the zoomies in the house and all around the garden. This is their favourite thing to do, besides sleeping and eating! This makes them far from the ideal office dog!


With a wiry outer coat and a soft, fluffy undercoat these double coated dogs are known to shed seasonally.

During the rest of the year, they require a brush once per week so as to remove any loose hair and keep their coats healthy and in good shape. But when you enter the shedding season, which falls in spring and autumn, you will find yourself grooming them for up to an hour at a time to combat all that dead hair!

If you’re planning on doing your dog’s grooming then your kit should include a fine comb, a natural bristle brush, and a stripping knife.

Alternatively, you can opt for a groomer to take care of your dog’s coat. To save money and time, you can clip their coat, but this will change the colour and stop the coat being weather-resistant.

If you don’t mind that adorable scruffy look, you can always leave their coat to do its own thing, but this does increase the chance of them shedding more hair and leaving it all over your house.

Dietary And Nutrition

Your Border Terrier should be able to remain healthy on a high-quality diet which is age appropriate for your dog.

Whether they are a puppy, adult, or senior pooch, avoid feeding them food which is too young or too old for them as this could affect their health.

Provide them with the correct amount of food for their weight as this breed can be prone to obesity and health issues.

Monitor their calorie intake and the amount of treats you are feeding them. Whether these treats are human or dog treats, make sure they are only given occasionally and are appropriate!

As with all dogs, always keep them supplied with plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

General Health

Being hardy and healthy, these dogs aren’t renowned for becoming ill or having too many health conditions. But, as with any breed, there are some conditions you need to be aware of before making the decision to get a Border Terrier.

Allergies: Unlike in humans where their eyes will itch, and they will frequently sneeze. Dogs will react to allergies by having itchy skin. Border Terriers can get this with their backs, bellies, and ears being mostly affected by this so be sure to watch out for any sore skin and excessive scratching. There are plenty of treatments available and your Vet will be able to advise accordingly.

Seizures: These can happen at any time, and often with no warning. The signs to watch out for are trembling, shaking, sudden stiffness and a loss of consciousness. Whilst fits are not curable, medication can be prescribed to manage this illness.

Heart Defects: If your Border Terrier has a heart murmur, this can indicate that there is an undiagnosed, underlying heart condition. Get them to your vet and this can be managed with correct diet and treatment!

Hip Dysplasia: This is a common condition and is often hereditary where the dog’s femur does not fit nicely into the pelvic socket in their hip joints.

It can affect one or both of your dog’s hips. This can cause pain and discomfort as well as affect their mobility. Some dogs will require surgery to alleviate their discomfort.

This fun loving and affectionate dog is a great addition to your family. Whilst they are, energetic, incredibly intelligent, and love the country life, they can adapt quite well into the city life if exercised regularly.

This breed is quite easy to maintain and care for if you understand their needs. An energetic Border Terrier can provide you with hours of exercise, never mind the entertainment provided during the day, and they will be delighted to curl up beside you on the sofa at night!

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