What Can My Dog Not Eat?

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July 1, 2022

There are many treats on the market today for our dogs which are cool, funky, and out of the ordinary. But sometimes, we may just want to share some of our food with them, so they feel included.

Do you know what your dog may not be able to digest or eat and are you aware of the risks if they were to eat something they really shouldn’t?

In this blog, we will go over some of the foods your dog must never eat and the potential risks that will follow if they do.

In This Blog:

Meats And Fish

Fatty/Junk Food

This includes anything from takeaways and fast-food restaurants. It may be very tempting, going to a drive thru at McDonald’s, on the way out for the day or a family holiday with your dog and you buy them some chicken nuggets.

Whilst you think this may be safe for them, it can be dangerous! The salt content will be high, and the chicken is not fresh quality chicken.

They have also been fried adding to the calories…

Fat Trimmings

Have you been cooking something which has a lot of fat trimming around the edge and you just through it down for your dog?

By doing this, you are increasing the risk of pancreatitis due to the high levels of fat on it which your dog’s digestive system is not able to break down properly.

Fat trimming may also contain a high amount of sodium which will make them drink more. It could also lead to sodium ion poisoning which can be fatal.

Raw Meat

Unlike the rest of the food items, we must not feed our dog, this one is a little bit more complicated.

Research has shown that there can be possible benefits to feeding a raw meat diet. These include, a healthier coat, easier to digest, and it can improve their breath and dental wellbeing.

But there also comes a range of risks alongside this diet. Like us, if we eat raw meat, we can become sick due to all the harmful bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, E. Coli, and more.

By feeding your dog raw meat, you are exposing them to food related illnesses and bacterial infections.

Whilst some dogs may not show clinical signs when they have ingested salmonella, they can spread this infection to everyone they come in contact to, which will put you and your family at high risk.

If you are wanting to change your dog’s diet to include raw meat, it is important to consult with your vet beforehand for advice.

They can support you and give you all the relevant information and what preparation is involved. Also make sure you are only feeding high quality, fresh meat from a reliable source.

If you want to feed your dog fish, make sure that you remove all bones prior to feeding them.

These bones are tiny and sharp and can become lodged in their mouth, throat or stomach. This would be extremely painful for them and will require a potentially expensive vet trip.

Sweet Treats

Anything Salty

Salty food in large quantities can be lethal for your dog. This will make them thirsty and may give them sodium ion poisoning.

Dogs need salt in their diet for them to maintain normal bodily functions. There will be sodium added in most commercialised dog foods, but in an appropriate dosage. Too much salt can potentially lead to death if not treated quickly and properly.

Symptoms of salt poisoning can include, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, and a high temperature. If your dog accidentally consumes a high amount of salt, contact your vet immediately.

Sugary Treats

We love sugary treats, and I am sure your dog loves them too. But we need to be careful on how much sugar we are giving them and what kind of sugar.

Too much granulated sugar can lead them to obesity, poor dental (cavities), kidney infections, and diabetes.

Chocolate is a BIG NO for any dog! Whilst not life threatening in very small doses, feeding your dog chocolate is still very dangerous and can lead to further complications.

Sweeteners and sugar substitutes can be extremely dangerous for your dog as these include Xylitol which is very toxic for them.

This can lead to them developing hypoglycaemia if even a small amount is consumed. If larger amounts are consumed, they can go into acute liver failure.

Xylitol is found in certain peanut butters, so be careful when giving your dog a treat and always read the label prior to feeding them peanut butter.

This can also be found in chewing gum. Even one piece of gum could be fatal to your dog’s health, causing intestinal blockages due to it being difficult to digest.


Not every single kind of nut is toxic for your dog. But all nuts have drawbacks as to why they can be bad for your dog.

They are all very high in fat. This can help your dog become overweight, leading to further complications such as arthritis and diabetes.

Some nuts, like almonds, can also be a choking hazard due to the size of them. Macadamia nuts are very toxic to your dog, so avoid these completely.

Whilst not all nuts are toxic to your dog, it is better to be safe than sorry and say no to nuts for your dog.

Fruit And Vegetables


Whilst this snack is very popular and trendy humans as being healthy and nutritional, they are not meant to be popular with our animal friends.

This snack is toxic to most of our animals due to it containing persin. This is a fungicidal toxin.

Vets have stated that dogs are more resistant to the toxin than other animals, however this doesn’t make it safe for our dogs to enjoy.

However, it can be fed in a very small quantity to our pooches. But must be monitored carefully and only the avocado fruit itself can be fed, nothing else.

Grapes, Raisins And Currents

All these fruits are extremely toxic to your dog, no matter how much has been consumed.

If your dog has eaten any of these fruits, you must contact your vet immediately, even if they are showing no signs.

Garlic And Onions

Like onions, garlic can be toxic to our dog’s. Powdered garlic and onions can be worse and create further complications. Avoid both when feeding your dog.

However, garlic is not as toxic as onions. Studies have been done to prove that your dog would need to eat large amounts to become sick. Whereas onion can be lethal to dogs, even in small doses.

Fruit pits

These can be extremely dangerous to your dog as they can create a choking hazard due to the size of pits in certain fruit.

But they also can be toxic to them due to containing a form of cyanide. This includes cherries, apricots, and peaches.


Bread Dough

If a dog manages to get hold of dough and digest it, the yeast will continue to make the dough rise in their stomach and will result in a toxic being released called ethanol into their bloodstream. This can be very dangerous for them and result in veterinary treatment.

Mouldy Bread

Any types of mouldy food can be fatal to your dog due to it containing toxins. This can be found in mouldy bread or dairy products.

If your dog manages to get hold of some, maybe out the bin whilst unsupervised for example, then the symptoms to look out for include tremor’s, seizures, and muscle spasms.

If this occurs, we recommend getting in touch with your vet straight away to receive the appropriate actions to take.

Potato Skins And Raw Potatoes

If you want to feed your dog a potato, make sure that it is cooked to reduce the level of solanine which can be toxic to some dogs.

This toxin is also found in tomatoes which should be avoided too.


Milk And Cream

Whilst it may be very tempting to share your ice cream with your pup on a hot summer’s day, it’s recommended you refrain from doing this as they are lactose intolerant, and they will struggle to digest the milk.

However, you might find that they can digest other dairy products such as cheese and plain yogurts better.

Dairy products are not toxic to your pooch; however, it may just not agree with them. Some may be more sensitive than others.

You will know if your dog is lactose intolerant if they produce loose stools, become gassy, or start vomiting and show signs of abdominal pain.

Just remember…if you want to treat your pooch you should do it in moderation.

Alcohol And Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine can be very dangerous to your four-legged friends. Even in small doses, this can be toxic to them and can cause organ failure and even death if it’s left untreated.

Caffeine can also be lethal, and they can show symptoms as quickly as thirty minutes after consumption. This can be fatal if left untreated due to the toxicity levels in it.

I hope this blog has given you a better understanding of the things to avoid giving your furry best friend. If in doubt, always do your research before trying them with anything new.

If you’d like an idea for some good treats to give your dog, then check out our other blog on “what can I feed my dog.”

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