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June 28, 2022

Is your dog known for taking you for a walk…instead of it being the other way around?

Do you love the outdoors so much that you can’t help but go exploring with your four-legged best friend at every opportunity, but you don’t know which harness to choose?

Well, don’t you worry as we have got you covered! We have chosen one harness for each and every occasion and type of dog, which we believe is best suited thanks to their various traits. So, let’s get right into it!

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We know what it’s like, going for a walk with your pooch and coming back with no feeling left in either of your arms and questioning who really walked who.

Whilst this will help you build your muscle up and save money on going to the gym, it’s not pleasant for you or your dog, especially when having to deal with it on a daily basis.

Harnesses are known to greatly reduce the pressure of your dog pulling whilst walking. In fact, it has been said that some harnesses can work so well with your dog, that it can negate their pulling behaviours whilst walking.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee that an anti-pull harness will remove all pulling habits from your own dog, as each dog reacts differently.

We also cannot say they will never pull again as we know what they can be like if they see a familiar human or spot their best mate in the park before you’ve managed to unclip them. Unless they have had strict obedience training, they are likely to pull in these situations.

The main types of dogs, harnesses address, are those more unruly ones which can drag you the whole way around the block and is unable to walk passively.

As well as purchasing an anti-pull harness, it may be worth shopping around for some dog training classes to take them to and teach them the basic etiquette for walking.

One of the key features with an anti-pull harness is the sturdy D-Ring at the front of the harness, located where the chest is. This allows you to attach a second lead at the front of the harness, giving you better control over them during walkies.

Whether you have a teacup-sized breed or just a standard smaller breed, this harness will be fine for you to use, providing you have measured your dog correctly and taken the measurements from the proper places.

Due to their tiny, delicate frames, teacup breeds should always be walked with a harness on to protect them and prevent any injuries from occurring.

Because they are so small, teacup breeds are more susceptible to injury and so taking the extra precaution of using a suitable harness can do them wonders in the long run.

Do you enjoy going for a run, or exploring the great outdoors? Would you love to bring your dog along, but you don’t want to carry a lead and hold him whilst you run?

Well you are in luck! As now you can go exploring or for a run without having to hold on to a lead with this practical and handy harness.

Being both high quality and shock absorbent, this harness has an attached waist belt which is fully adjustable to suit your comfort needs. It also has a secure pouch with two compartments – ideal for poo bags and dog treats.

Not only is this harness practical, but it is also extremely safe thanks to the reflective stitching which means you are visible come day or night.

Whenever you are travelling with your dog, they must be secure and unable to roam around. Therefore, a travel harness is best suited when wandering with them.

Whilst there are other ways to travel with them, such as putting them in a cage, harnesses give them the freedom to look around without them feeling enclosed and claustrophobic. This will greatly improve their experience and make them more calm travelling companions.

Like all harnesses, this needs to be fit correctly, being neither too loose so that it doesn’t keep your dog secure, nor too tight that they are hovering off the floor or unable to move or lay down comfortably.

The specific harness we have chosen simply hooks over the head restraint and clips on to your dog with a simple spring clip.

We recommend using a normal harness with this instead of attaching it to your dog’s collar. It is advisable to keep them fully restrained, otherwise an accident may occur.

Here we have a harness for those big pooches which require more control when out walking.

Our dogs love to get excited when they are walking, and it is more manageable for owners when they are smaller breeds. However, when talking about bigger dog breeds such as your Labradors, Huskies, and German Shepherds who know how to pull, owners should take extra precautions.

You need a harness which not only offers you control and reduces the amount of pulling but is also reliable and sturdy. A harness which you know if they pull or lean against it is not going to break or snap!

Not only do you get a sturdy and practical harness, but you also get a matching lead in a choice of four different colours! Now you can go for walks in style and look like a million dollars.

We thought we would treat you for the last one! How good would it be if your pooch could carry their own snacks, toys, and poo bags? Well now they can!

This harness is waterproof, adjustable, lightweight, whilst still being tough and of a high quality…not to mention very fashionable. Looking good and being practical – what more could your pooch want?

Whilst this may not be the exact same print as your dog’s backpack, we have found you a very similar rucksack so you can match on your adventures together because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to?

Now you can both go exploring together, with snacks, toys and looking as fashionable as possible.

We hope after you have finished reading this, you will have a better idea of what type of harness you need. A life of comfort and happiness awaits both you and your dog when walking!

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